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Marriage Settlement In Uk

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Hello EnglishGent and welcome to the forum....

Congratulations on your recent Marrige..... you need to tell us a bit about yourself..... where are you living (Turkey or UK) where did you get married etc.... not being nosey, it's just interesting to know and gives us chance to get to know you better....

I'm Married to a Turkish man and have been for the past 5 yrs, we met in Bodrum and after a few months of me twoing and frowing I decided to go live in Turkey (2 yrs in total) where I married him about 6m later....

It took us about 14m to get my Husband a settlement visa, it was turned down the first time so I appealed against their decision as the reasons were just ludicrous, anyway 10m later he was granted one and we have been living here in UK for past 3yrs, although we are planning on moving back to Turkey permanently in the near future....

All I can say is you were very lucky in the time span when you were granted your wife's visa, I've heard of loads of couples (English woman/Turkish Man) who have had to wait months and months for their visa's to come through...

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Hi Debbie,Thanks for your reply. I am currently living in the UK and we got married in Maltepe. I could only stay for a week, went to Turkey on the 26/12 got married on the 02/01 and went home to the UK 03/01. Giving the time of year and the paper work involved it was a miracle we got this all done in the time frame.

I too was suprised at the time span to get a visa, having read all the horror stories I feared the worse. We actually went through an organisation who helped my wife prepare the documentation, so maybe that helped. But I guess it just goes to show there maybe one or two people in the Embassy who are helpful. But I guess they do have strict guidlines to adhere to.

Kind RegardsEnglsihGent

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Welcome EnglishGent,I too would like to welcome you to the forum and WOW WOW WOW you got a visa without an interview, hand on heart I think it was because your wife had lived , worked and studied in the UK before you got married and that helps a lot in making a decison.

I am so pleased , well elated to read that your story had an extreamely happy ending and i wish you well for the future.

I have read and listened about too many people refused , like Debbie my husband too was refused but a battle and hard slog through the courts finally got my husband back into the UK.

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I have been married to a Turkish girl for 20 years applied for settlement mid Jan got her visa 6 weeks later for 2yrs 3months, no interview no hassle.

We went to England for holidays once a year My wife will be 60 1st april Ted

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Hi English Gent,Congrats on getting everything done - i know how stressful and difficult it can be to go through a similar long distance relationship and all the stuff with being able to get married, as i was in Turkey myself 2 weeks ago getting everything sorted for my wedding!

My situation sounds very similar to the one that you were in - i met my fiancee when she was in the UK as an Au Pair and she then left to go back to Turkey after having done it for 1.5 years. In this time she undertook some English courses, not quite as in-depth as your wife's but it was the ESOL and various others... She has been living back in turkey for 1.5 years now and we have travelled to see each other roughly once every 3 months (not easy as i'm sure you know) and she has been granted 2 Tourist visas to come and visit in the time we've spent apart. We're getting married in July and after much hassle, managed to get all of the paperwork etc.. sorted.

We have been looking at various websites to try and get the list together of what we need to do in order to hopefully get her Settlement Visa as quickly as possible, i wondered if you would be able to give an indication of what sort of things you had to provide in order to get the visa so quickly and also the company that you and your wife used?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and i wish you and your wife all the best!

Kind RegardsHairyBloke

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Hi HairyBloke,Yes, our situations seem very similar and I'm glad to hear your financee was granted two tourist visa's during your time apart.

The company is called 'alpturizm' in istanbul... the address of the company is Cumhuriyet Cad.

Atman Apt. No. 259Kat 8-9 HARBİYEİSTANBUL 00902122474156They actually give you the list of the things you need but generally -invitation later from your sponsor -sponsor's pay slips -sponsor's mortgage information -papers that shows sponsor's regular payment (bills) -certificates, diplomasHope this helps!


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Hi English GentThankyou very much for your response, i will have to give that company a look i think, but will definitely add the items you've suggested to my list!

A few people have mentioned a letter from me and info about the house, so i think i may end up just trying to get as much evidence as possible and then see how it goes...

Kind regardsHairyBloke

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hi ive just got married to a turkish guy. we are going to try for a settlement visa now. could u tell me if we need money in the bank and if so how much?

Hi AngelaWhen sponsoring your Hubby to come to the UK on a settlement visa, although Money in the bank (any amount) shows for good stead, it's not necessary to have any (I didn't) but you do have to show that you have enough money coming into your bank each month to be able to support yourself and your Hubby, and pay all your bills........ he isn't entitled to government funding........ you prove this by way of your past 6m wage slips, bank statements etc.......you also have to show that you will have somewhere for you both to live, if you rent you need to show your rental agreement, letter from your landlord rent book that sort of thing or if you have a mortgage then a copy of your mortgage agreement, maybe letter from your building society.......... the few settlement visa's getting turned down lately seems to be because the spouse doesn't have any regular finances coming into the home.......or their on benefit..........
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Hello Sarah and welcome to the forum. There is quite a bit of information about getting a settlement visa on the forum if you'd like to browse also this section covers it :-http://www.turkeycentral.com/index.php?showtopic=4483

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