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Can I Bring a Metal Detector to Turkey?

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I checked the regulations, and yes, you can bring a metal detector to Turkey. However, you need to have the receipt and you might end up paying custom fee according to its value. If it is under 30 Euro, you may not pay custom fee. Furthermore, they can make you open the box for security concerns and ask you what the purpose is to bring it. I hope this piece of information is helpful for you.

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They sell metal detectors in Turkey, so they're not illegal. Also, their not on any restricted list on the customs website, so it should be okay. It is illegal to use a metal detector around ancient sites. Also, if you find, are given, or buy any antiquity in Turkey and try to take it out of the country, it's illegal, and you could even go to jail for it. That includes any antiquity, even a coin, and even an old carpet. If you want to take something out of Turkey and you're not sure if it's an antiquity or not, you must go to a museum and get a letter stating that it's not an antiquity before you take it out of the country.

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