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Turkish Apostille for a Turkish School Diploma

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My mothers has graduated from Turkish high school at Boczaada. Now she needs to have the document immediately translated because of a new job. For that, she needs apostille stamp, but she has no idea where she should sent it. Also, it is not possible to travel to Turkey for that, with the whole pandemic situation. So, does anyone know that should she do??!! Thank you in advance. 

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The Bozcaada kaymakamlık (District Governor's Office) issues apostilles for public documents in Bozcaada. Here's their website:


Click on Kaymakamlık in the top menu, then Kamakamlık Birimleri, (Governor's Office Units) then İlçe Yazı İşleri Müdürlüğü (District Registar's Office). On the District Registrar's page it says they issue apostilles.

At the bottom of that page is their contact information, including their e-mail and telephone numbers. Call them to learn their fee and how to send the diploma to them. After they receive the diploma, they'll attach an apostille to it and send it back to you.

Normally once you receive the document and the apostille, you have to take it to a government-licensed translator to have both the document and the apostille translated into the language of the country you're in. Then you can use it to apply for a job or whatever you need it for.

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Thank you very much for your response. I checked the website, it is very helpful. 

But, what confuses me is if it is possible to be done by post. It is extremely difficult to travel to Turkey, especially with the whole virus issue. And is also confuses me if we have to hire a lawyer as a representative for that.. Are you aware for that? 

We will call them in any case Monday morning, but in order to be prepared. 


Thank very much again for your advice. 

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Getting an apostille is routinely done by post. You don't have to travel to Turkey. And you don't need a lawyer.

You just have to send the diploma to them (and pay whatever fee is involved). When they receive the diploma, they'll verify its authenticity, attach an apostille stating that it is authentic, and send the diploma and apostille back to you.

I know it sounds like it must be a very complex process, but it isn't.

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Hi Maria,

Thanks for Ken for his contribution to the matter, but I have one hesitation here.  

I hope you managed to figure it out but I doubt that Kaymakamlik (Governor's Office) would be in help of you by receiving your diploma and have them Apostille certified remotely through post exchanges. They generally require your (or your representatives) application in person to do paperworks, like Apostille. That would be very helpful if they did that but I am not really sure if it falls within the scope their responsibility either. Pls update us how did you handle it.  

Also,  apostille certification is something which we advise our clients on regular basis, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate. 



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