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The fruit tree that we have most success with is an eric/plum tree which every year gives us loads of fruit, we aslo get lots of grapes, apricots and peaches but although neighbours have various citrus trees in their gardens, we've never been able to get them to grow for us no matter what we do and where we put them. Anybody any ideas?

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I'm having a problem with my grapefruit bush/tree.

I planted it in the garden this year as i had it in a large pot last year. Its already flowered and i'm hoping i get some juicy grapefruits this year too - but - a few weeks back i put some fertiliser round it - basically goat manure i think and dug it in round the bush. Then we had all those bad storms and it flooded the garden twice now i've noticed a lot of the leaves are not their usual glossy dark green and are starting to turn yellow and drop off?? anyone any ideas of how to cure this please?

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