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Getting Married in Turkey

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I've been coming and going to this forum trying to find answers and also help others with whatever knowledge i might have with my personal experience... But now after 4 years of being in a relationship with my Turkish girlfriend I have finally popped the question and we are now engaged and planning our marriage next year! :)

For this I have come to this forum in an attempt to get some directions and help from you guys as I know this things might change with time or place and nothing like some personal experience and help from you.

We are planning to marry in March or so next year in Istanbul over the district marriage office. Currently I'm doing a European voluntary project in Istanbul and I have applied for a RP that will last till March next year (this wont be an issue i guess i can always leave and come back with a touristic visa for the weeding celebration i guess). I hold a Portuguese citizenship and I have already contacted the Portuguese embassy in Ankara regarding this plans in order for me to get some guidelines from them as well. But still wanted to know from this forum and in easier words and realities how the celebration of a marriage goes in Turkey and whats the steps I should expect and documents I should arrange in order to do this without any problems.

I have coming and going to Turkey since 2016 and I know how this bureaucratic things change and its always hard to get a straight answer but your help would be much appreciated!

I will kindly wait your replies! 

Thank you in advance :)


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The most important document that you need to collect from the Portuguese authorities is the one which states that you are single and there is no impediment for you to marry. This is one of the main papers that is to be asked by the Turkish Marriage Office (Municipality)

Apart from that, of course, a notarized translation of the passport is another document that you need to submit. 

Some of the Marriage Offices (Municipality) in Turkey are experienced and know how to proceed with an international marriage, but some of them have no idea how to handle it. We have fixed a couple of arrangements here in Izmir, Turkey for our clients (who are wife and husband both Non-Turkish) and they were delighted with all the services here in Izmir Marriage office.

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