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Turkish Economy, Youngsters leaving Turkey & Brain Drain

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Hi Everyone,

In the last few years, the Turkish lira has plummeted, the economy has plummeted and it doesn't seem to be going well for Turkey.

The youngsters are saying the colleges and universities are terrible and not teaching the subjects they want and not getting the available courses to the qualifications they want.

Plus they say Erdoğan made the country more authoritarian and opportunities seem almost non-existent.

The smartest and well educated youngsters are leaving Turkey in droves (apparently) and going to study in countries like Germany, Holland, USA, Canada and other countries. When they finished their studies, many find jobs in the countries they studied in and never return to Turkey.

In my opinion this is a disaster for Turkey, we need the well skilled and educated youngsters in Turkey to drive the economy. This is causing a Brain Drain and this is not doing the country any good. Who is going to do the top and well paid jobs in Turkey? Some say the 'top jobs' don't pay well enough in Turkey due to the situation of the Lira being a weak currency, hence more people leave!

In turkey you have the religious, right wing supporters of Erdoğan and on the other side, the centre-left and left wing, liberal people in Turkey. It's the liberal, Atatürk people who feel they cannot contribute to turkey anymore. There is a fight ongoing between the two sides and in my view is tearing the country apart.

Me however, i am one of the liberal 'Atatürk' people and i love Turkey very much. But i hate to see what is happening to Turkey right now and i don't want the youngsters to leave the country. Instead, more youngsters should pay more attention to the politics in Turkey and if they want the change they want, they should stay and fight for it!

When the next presidential election comes along, they need to try to elect another president if they want progress, but they need to lobby and get ex-pats to vote in the countries they are living in and cast their vote in the ballot box provided by the Turkish Embassy.

I really want to see one day Turkey becoming better economically, Lira strong, the young returning to the country.

At the moment, Turkey is a candidate country in joining the EU and Erdoğan is an obstacle to that. I want Turkey to join the EU and when it does, Turkey will do much better!

That's my take on it, i wonder what your opinions are?


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Hi Selim, 

I think your thoughts about Turkey's economic & political situation are amazingly accurate -- obviously you are closely following what's going on here.

Years ago we had interesting discussions on this forum about Turkey's chances of being accepted into the EU,.  I was (& still am) of the opinion it wouldn't be anytime soon.  In fact Germany did say at one stage it would never happen while RTE stays in power.

The education system is indeed a disaster, having seen so many changes under the current ruling party. Youngsters have little hope of finding decent jobs, even after all the effort of studying for degrees. It's a slap in the face for them to see high-paid jobs given to non-qualified party supporters.  While my daughter succeeded through the secondary system, she preferred to complete tertiary education in the UK because "Turkish credentials are not highly regarded" (apparently?). Academics are often ostracized for voicing certain opinions.  Same with journalists.

I agree with you, we need a new president, one who is non-partisan.  And yet there are those who who loyally support the current regime, which will try every trick in the book to stay in power (remember the fiasco with the Istanbul mayoral election last year?). If they win again in 2023, God only help us and this country.....

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Hi Meral,

Yes, I have Turkish TV via Satellite here in the UK and I've been watching it since i was young (nearly 30 years) and i always know what is going on. Plus during all of my life I've been coming to Istanbul to see family nearly every summer.

Well i don't know why Germany, France, Netherlands and other countries have to be so mean/nasty towards Turkey and not be supportive for the to become a EU member. I know with France the 'Armenian Issue' is the main reason why France is not supporting EU membership for Turkey and this annoys me even though I'm Pro-EU.

Plus Greece is playing games right now over Cyprus and that's another thing that is stopping progression for Turkey to join the EU. My mum is Turkish Cypriot and i support North Cyprus and it should be recognized all over the world.

Yes, I'm aware of the disgrace in the education system, i just wished it would get better in Turkey. I remember during the millennium Turkey was doing very well economically and the Lira was strong and when AKP came into power things went downhill from there :(

Yes i hope the Turkish people doesn't make the same mistake again, but i would like to see a progressive party in power like CHP but fake news is going around about them and other progressive parities and i feel it's ruining their chances to get elected just because AKP want to stay in power. It's really ridiculous!

I want to come to Turkey in 2023 to celebrate 100 years of the forming of the Republic and i hope it will be good. :)

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