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Heres just a few tips for tiles and tiling if you decide to do any...

I needed some new tiles for the bathroom and loo upstairs. We had decided to tile both in the same style, pattern and colour. So off i went to the local tile shop to have a look at what we could get. I found the ones we wanted for the floors as these are bigger in size about 30cm2 and the wall tiles are smaller. You get them always in a box to fit one square metre of wall or floor.

So after looking in the catalogue i pick out the tiles i want including the border tiles, we decided to do floors dark blue with half the room dark wall tiles and a border with a pattern on it then lighter above that.

Problem yok as usual so then went home to wait for delivery - depends on what you want regarding prices - we paid 7ytl for the wall tiles and the floor ones were about 9-11 i think.

Anyway 2 weeks later!!! a guy turns up at night with all the tiles and starts unloading. We get them all upstairs and decide to start in the morning with better light. No problem floor tiles first - 2 days later all the floors are done and look quite good, then we start on the walls.

It started ok, got the first few rows on round the room then hit a problem - the walls were not true in the loo, so by the time i got upto where the border tiles are going to go the gap between the wall and the tile was around 4cm - quite a difference. Unfazed we carried on and started with the upper lighter tiles, as we were going round in rows the gap was getting bigger and also i noticed every box of tiles had a few damaged tiles. One or two can be expected but no, not this lot it was around 4 - 7 tiles per box and there are only 13 tiles in the box so on average half of them were marked or bust!!!!.

I decided to check it out and opened every box - out of 400 tiles 180 were duff!! so wasnt a happy bunny and went and rang my tile man! of course he was busy and it took him a week to turn up and look as i had them laid out all over my veranda. No problem he says he will replace them -good i thought, dont mind the odd one its to be expected but not 50% of them. So another week passes and the excuse is he has non in the shop or his depot store so has had to go back to the company who made them. he turns up at night again with the new tiles and hey presto in the cold light of day - they are a slightly different shade - Grrrr. Rang him again not amused - he says do it all again - not on your nellie m8 i had done over half of the tiling and wasnt going to take them off and replace with a different colour now!.

We cracked on with it and i worked out that if we put the new ones on one side it wouldnt be that noticable because of shadows etc through the window.

So we complete the left had wall with the 'old' tiles and started on the right hand wall with the 'new' - the wall was so far out of true vertically that we ended up with - 2 layers of concrete, 2 layers of broken tiles and a few large dollops of tile cement to make it true!!!! But now its finished and looks good.

But you do need to check the tiles if you are getting a lot to cover a large area, i actually found the same tiles from the same company in B&Q in UK and the were 13 quid a box!!!!!

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Well you did very well in the end Scream. That's a big difference in price, here 7tl and

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Good on you Scream, well done..

You finished the tiling without giving up in disgust.

"the walls were not true" is a situ I well know! How the hell they build a house without a leveling apparatus is beyond me!

Different shades seem to be normal for them, they all must be color blind.

İt is fun, thou.. Between English lessons and tea breaks, cheap labor, the work is finished in no (!) time.

Sunny by the way the seconds called "defo" or defolu"..

"Defol" means "get lost", so don't say it to the friendly tile man, he will be very upset.

People living in a metro area has a good chance to buy tiles (leftovers) for a ridiculously low price.

Just buy it and deliver them to your house yourself, after inspecting them thoroughly..

:drunk[1]: :drunk[1]:


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hi...in dalyan they sell tiles from a wholesale place as special tiles way overpriced...they are great but if u live here you would laugh at the prices. there are also some great ceramics made at local ladies courses that you can offer to buy when they have thier exhibitions and then you can have one off tiles on your floor or kitchen walls or as coasters!!.......we were out looking at houses the other day and a fairly new house had been tiled with bathroom tiles on the whole of the outside wall....how odd we thought......i mean are there pros to having tiles on your outside walls??? never seen it before. i also wonder whats the cons to putting new tiles over old as opposed to removing old ones n replacing.....our paretns house needs replacing...... :drunk[1]:

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thats what i thought too!! im not a violent person normally but.......yes we were talking about the benefit of taking them all the way up to the top of the wall....therefore the old ones would have to be taken off 1st as they only go half way and are vile and odd.i also saw on a house floor over the weekend floor tiles laid across meaning at a tangent not normal grid likeleft to right. it made the room look wider somehow but im not sure if thats true or if it would make them harder to put it...guess it means more to be cut at each end.shame about grout is that in our tiles at home it collect filth so easily and needs regular scrubbing...if your tiles are light colour eg. white or grey the grout looks worse if not scrubbed clean....i am anal with these things but i guess say same colour grout is out there right? i once mentioned a limescale cleaner for someone on here and i now say keep that away from tile grout etc as it erodes it fast.

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The walls in our house aren't true either -- they are simply not straight, the corners are not 90 degrees. And the floor tiles, laid straight, just emphasise the crookedness. Would have been less noticeable if the tiles had been laid diagonally, as I've seen in many houses, and we had done in one of the bedrooms. One wonders why the workers didn't use one of those drawstring things for laying walls in a straight line !

The only pro I can think of to having your house fully tiled on the outside is you'd never have to paint it ! Though it sure would look a bit strange ! :wallbash[1]:

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I did our kitchen tiles diagonally and it does make the room look bigger.

There are also a couple of ways to remove and re-grout - one is a diamond edged hand held blade that will dig out the old grount and there is an eletrical gadget a bit like a mini router with a special drill bit that will remove the grout in seconds. I think B & Q do them in UK but not seen any here.

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