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Rspca Puppy Shelter

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I went to a gathering in Cesme today to officially open a new puppy shelter sponsored by the RSPCA. (The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals a UK Charity)Their roving representative Mr David Bowles said it was good to be able to help animals with the cooperation of the Council in accordance with the Animal Protection Act of 2004They were also working with the aim to eliminate rabies from Turkey.

The purpose of this law is to ensure that animals are afforded a comfortable life and receive good and proper treatment, to protect them in the best manner possible from the infliction of pain, suffering and torture, and to prevent all types of cruel treatment.

The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Cesme, the Kaymakan, the Cesme animal welfare liason person Semra hanim and about 50 other guests, concerned about animal welfare, including yours truely.

After the speeches at the Amphi theatre people went on the fifteen minute drive to the Animal Shelter where the opening ceremony was performed.

There are about 300 dogs being cared for at the shelter and sterilization operations are performed there to keep the dog and cat population from getting more out of hand.

It was not what I would wish on a dog but generally they seemed OK. They have food and shelter in several large enclosures with trees and with the new separate places for the puppies.

I asked the council vet Ismail bey what could be done to help and he said money was always needed to buy food - he gets pasta at a reduced rate from Izmir and the slaughter houses in the area send food as well. Also money was needed for equipment and supplies for the operating theatre.

There was a lady from Menderes there who said she desperately needed help for the dog shelter there which had over a thousand dogs. So sad.

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...we also have a similar one in kusadasi its called koru beni the people who run it are good friends of ours...sonia and bob

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We have a few here in the Bodrum area and they are overrun.

The main one has over 500 dogs there now, hundreds more prowling the streets. Turgateis is the same, over crowded with dogs, it breaks my heart to see it.

We have managed to keep the cat population at bay by working with my local vet to neuter and spay as many as we can. It certainly has dropped the number of kittens this years around my sitesi alone.

I'm looking after and feeding 27 cats at present. We just need to do it bit by bit, but its a mentality thing we need to change. Its not just the females need spayed but the malesm but the turks wont do the boys.

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You are right Sunonmars, they don't like doing the boys but that would help another problem as wll, that of agressive dogs.

Also they are reluctant to put dogs and cats down even if they are ill. If they are ill they don't get the treatment/nursing they need so it would be a kindness to put them to sleep.

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what wonderful news, as some of you know I am in to animal charities and support when I can. It is great news to hear the RSPCA have come to Turkey.

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Well I think their help is very limited. The lady from Menderes tried to get Mr Bowles interested in their plight but he was evasive.

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