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Marrige Laws

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Hi Karen, You only need to stay in Turkey 28 days IF you apply for the certificate of non impediment once you are over there, the same rule applies as it does in the UK, You apply at your registry office then have to wait 28 days whilst it is published to allow anyone to appeal against it.

If you take it with you, ie apply in the uk you can get married as soon as the other paperwork that cannot be done in the UK has been completed, which can be done if you are on the ball in 48hrs !! , well i did LOLHope this helps

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I don't think that is the case if you have already obtained a 'Certificate of non impediment', but if you browse this forum I think you will find the answer to your question or perhaps you could send a PM to one of the people who have married recently .

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perhaps i didnt word my post very well,you have to be in Turkey 21 days if you apply for the CONI after you get to Turkey, just like in the UK you have to wait 21 (sorry i said 28 days before) BUT if you get your CONI in the UK before you fly out you can get married straight away without having to wait for the cert to be processed.sorry if i confused you

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so for example i have had my cert of non imped for months and have been living here for ages but i have to go to my nearest big consul which apprently is İzmir and i fix a date and do all the translation there and in one day and return home to my village and register there on the date we gave in izmir - right? sounds simple. makes me wonder why i havent done it yet. i guess it a monday to friday office though. whenever i called marmaris office for help i dont always understand them and if they speak turkish to myfella he doesnt even understand them...must be a sign!! tee hee

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