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Flight from Istanbul to USA

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Hey all, 

A week ago I successfully booked a flight from İstanbul to Washington DC Dulles (July 15-Aug 20), but today was notified of it's cancelation. 

I'm on hold with Turkish Airlines now and should have more info soon, but I'm curious if anyone on here has info on flying from Turkey - US. 

Thanks everyone, 


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14 hours ago, REDDERS said:

Provisional start date for flights to the USA published a few days ago was 1st September.

If you can show me where you got that information I would appreciate it. 


The representative I spoke to on the phone said July 1, but I have a friend flying to Los Angeles and that flight is tentatively still on. Seems a little touch and go right now. 

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I admit there are no lists from what you may call official sources but this is page 3 of 3 from the list that was in a few papers and online news sites from the Turkish Travel Agents association  on the 24th May.  All dates for flights at present are provisional, any date can change depending on the the virus situation & when Turkey wishes to open it's borders to each country.

See the last entry #71.



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I just booked a flight from Washington D.C. to Istanbul and Antalya, departing June 22nd, so flights from the USA to Turkey are definitely on. My flight that I booked online previously (departing June 10th) was canceled, and I got a message to call the Turkish Airlines call center. After a very long time on hold I talked to a Turkish Airlines agent who rescheduled the flight for June 22nd.


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Thanks for the information everyone. 

As far as I can see, flights from Turkey resume on July 1st. This is according to the Turkish Airlines representative and my flight out. 

The embassy website does still mention a flight from İstanbul to Los Angeles, but the representative said that flight is also canceled. 

Good luck everyone and stay safe out there! 

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On 11/06/2020 at 22:27, Ken Grubb said:

My flight was canceled again, new flight scheduled for June 27th (link to the topic on this above).

Ouch sorry to hear that. I know someone trying to get back to Turkey but they're going via Ukraine and they're tickets are still on I think, I'll double check

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