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I Survived Seksensuagi

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Just a quickie to say I've been, I've seen but not quite conquered Turkey.

I arrived back home around 5:45 PM this afternoon after being o the road since 11:15 PM last night. My trip to Seksensuagi was truly amazing and I loved every minute of it. I will get my film developed tomorrow and will start posting them in the photo area.

Turkish family life fascinated me and like all of you said, they bent over backwards to accommodate me and my needs even though its Ramazan. The food that was given to me to bring back filled my case up. And they couldn't understand why after two huge, and I mean huge meals, why I didn't want during the day. Anyway just wanted to say or shout "I've been to Turkey!"

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Glad to hear everything went well. Now that you've experienced it you've probably had all of your questions and concerns answered better than any of us could. That Turkish food is pretty good, isn't it? I am looking forward to seeing the photos.

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I was so pleased to have seen Turkey as the country is and not the tourist areas. Having said that, I do want to visit the more populated areas where people speak English. It was hard work, but I got to recognise some sentences after they were spoken to me every day. I need to transfer my photos on to disk, then I can transfer them onto my laptop and post them on here. Any ideas? I thought Photoshop could print me my photos then put the negatives onto disc for me, but they couldn't. I'm desperate to post some photos, but at the moment they are only in photo format.

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If you're using a digital camera there shouldn't be any negatives involved. I thought you mentioned something about having a digital camera before. Does your camera have a cord that you can plug into a USB port in your laptop? I don't know how your camera works, but the digital cameras I have will connect directly with a desktop or laptop computer. It should automatically detect the connection. Then when you go to "my computer" you should see an icon for the camera. If you double click on it, you can see all of the photos.

What I do from that point is click on the folder icon at the top menu of the screen, which opens up a panel on the left showing all of the folders on your computer in a hierarchy. You can then drag and drop the photos from your camera into a folder on your laptop (you may have to create one first). If it's a conventional film camera, then you would have to have them developed, then scanned and saved as digital images on a disk, or better yet, find a shop which can create digital images from the negatives directly.

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Glad you really enjoyed your first visit to Turkey, and were welcomed with true turkish hospitality! Did you try a Turkish loo?

As to photos, any decent photographers should be able to put your photos onto a disc. When I had my old style camera, I used to get a set of normal pics and ask for a set on disc, never had a problem. Now I have a digital camera, I just download straight onto computer onto the photo software.

Please write and tell us all, what sort of things you did over there, and if you visited any historical sites. I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

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I took my normal camera as they wanted a set of prints too. Instead of taking two cameras, I thought it would be easier to take normal photos and then get double prints done, and my digital camera doesn't hold a charge for more than a couple of hours when I'm taking lots of photos.

I thought photos were easy to transfer on to disk, but I took them to be developed at a chain store so perhaps they didn't have the facility to put them onto disc.

I didn't use a Turkish loo I just couldn't bring myself to use them so it. Luckily in the part of the house I stayed in it was a European loo. I think they were tipped off before hand. I was busting to go before getting onto the plane at Ankara for Istanbul but when I got down to the departure lounge there were only 2 Turkish loos so I held on until Istanbul.

Having traveled all through the night to get to the airport. I was tired and it didn't occur to me to go on the plane like most people would have. I have a couple of photography shops in town so I will see what they can do for me to put my photos on to disk, then I can put them on here.

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Sorry, I've not been on here for a while, but when I went away, my friends' 17 year old daughter baby sat my dogs for me as she doesn't work but she won't go home now! As she doesn't work and it appears that she doesn't want to work she sits on the computer from the minute she gets up until she goes to bed, and I get a few minutes to check e-mails.

My trip, although unplanned by me, was arranged by my partner and his boss who is in my town and I had two days to get everything sorted. But i managed it. And after flight delays, missing my connection flight because of the delay, then lost baggage, I finally arrived at Sekenusagi eight hours late.

The first day was just relaxing at the home and meeting the family, and and in the afternoon I walked out with my partner with the family flock of sheep, in to the hills to graze for a hour and his mother then met us with the family's 3 cows.

Unlike our farm animals who scatter at the sight of a human approaching them, these animals were like little or big dogs. You called them and they came running almost to the point where you tripped over them. I love farm animals and was so at home.

His mother was so impressed being a towny that I wasn't scared of the animals, but she wasn't aware I owned horses for the best part of 20 years and always had them on farms, so these animals were a comfort to me almost.

Eating on the floor was a first and of course me being me, I got food all down me and I was so embarrassed that every mouthful missed my mouth they roared and thought it so funny then his sister in law missed and we fell about laughing.

His sister in law is the same age and although we communicated through my partner we have become absolute firm friends and she laughed the whole time. I don't think I saw her sitting and relaxing for a few minutes and yet she remained such a happy girl.

I did help in the kitchen but I was too slow for her. She wanted to crack on and I was trying to do things properly, so she again just laughed and instead of getting frustrated as I probably would have, she just told me to go and sit down.

Then the visitors came, all of them by tractor. I laughed, night after night a tractor would come rumbling along the track to their house with a family on board. I'm 42 and trying to climb on a tractor made me feel like an 82 year-old with no legs. I was puffing and panting just trying to get on board, and once on board I had to cling on for dear life sitting on the wheel arch and yet here were old folk bumping along the track looking as if they were in a luxury car.

Night after night the visitors arrived. It was exhausting, but in five days I met the entire family, nieghbours and close family friends, and I got the once over and approval.

The funniest thing was that if I left the house with my partner, everyone appeared to be doing nothing all of a sudden and just seemed to be hanging out in the streets. I asked what are these people doing. Work stopped and he said they've heard that you are out in the village and everyone has come out to see you. it was like jungle drums.

They also were intrigued by my clothes. I wore trousers and had my head uncovered, and they loved to see it and were fascinated by it. But my partner is very quiet and shy, and said he didn't want me to go out now unless in the car as he didn't like everyone looking at me. But i felt like royalty, with everyone coming out and lining the streets to see me.  I thought it might be a jealousy thing, but he seemed generally concerned about me being gawked at and not jealous at all.

His brother took us to Cappadocia, and we visited Göreme, which is one thing I really wanted to see. The views were breath taking, but a mixture of sheer beauty and yet barrenness. Nothing but bare rock. Weird.

Moving on the the family making me feel comfortable and welcome, bearing in mind it was Ramazan they kept on and on about me drinking, eating and smoking. They felt I wasn't eating or drinking because I didn't want to in front of them, but they fed me so well that I just didn't want anything during the day.

The ashtray kept being brought to me indicating they wanted me to smoke, but I always went outside. His father, although a strict Muslim, even gave my partner permission to not fast the week I was with them to make me feel more at home. But I begged him to, I was not going to interfere with any religious activities. 

But he did stop fasting the day we went out to Capadoccia. It wasn't for me. I know that he is an absolute gut bucket and he ate all day. Every time we past a berry tree or grape vines the car had to stop and he would come back with handfuls for food and he loved it.

I was overwhelmed with just how a Muslim family right in the middle of Ramazan welcomed a Christian into their home were prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate my needs (although I didn't have any) and with just how they accepted me in the way i dressed, i.e., trousers, no head covered, but I did keep my arms covered. And how they accepted a woman smoking, although I did it tactfully. And how they were actually happy to see me drinking and eating during the day, although I did it out of politeness rather than hunger. And how his father gave permission for his son not to fast for a week just to make me feel welcome. I cannot imagine any English Christian family making such an effort to welcome Muslims into their home as this Muslim family did for me.

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Thanks Ken. I'm off to Turkey tomorrow for the day. Ahmet has his interview on Wednesday in Ankara and so I've been advised that its in his best interest that I support him although I'm not allowed in the interview but for the interviewer to know I've made the effort will assist them making their decision as to whether he gets his settlement visa or not.

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