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How Can I Find an English Language School in Turkey?

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Good day! I hope we are managing as a result of this pandemic.  My wife and I just moved into Turkey from Nigeria  with our four years old daughter who will be five in September. I am planning to enroll her in a good English Speaking school where Turkish Language is also taught but not the only means of communication. I don't have any idea on how to go about it and the fees included . Most of my Nigerian friends said the language is a very big barrier here for an English speaking child to adapt to Turkish Language but my mind feels like i can get a better answer in this forum. My daughter is also a fluent English speaking kid. I need advice here to solve my problems , thanks to everyone.

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Hello Sokoya, welcome to Turkey Central. I don't have any idea about enrolling your daughter in a school either but we have some members here who do so your question should be answered soon.  I would say that most of your Nigerian friends are wrong, from what everyone here says children learn Turkish (or any new language) very quickly so I wouldn't worry about that.

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Youngsters pick up another language much quicker than adults usually.

Ask around locally regarding schools in your area,be it a state or international one. They'll probably wish to see their last school report from your home country at your interview with the head teacher.

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