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Transfer of Registration for a Scooter, Cost of Notary

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Including translator costs (variable) reckon somewhere between 150 and 200 lira. If transferring from Turk owner to Foreigner (or vice versa) there is also the cost of a new registration plate, usually less than 50 lira . Immediately upon transfer you should also get insurance, the old routine of the previous owner's insurance covering you for a couple of weeks finished last year.

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All foreigners with a Residence Permit who have a vehicle have a plate with the middle letters beginning with M eg. 07 MA 456.

The first two digits correspond to the Province that you live in. I live in Antalya Province so mine are 07, Istanbul is 34, Ankara 06, Mugla 48, etc etc.

The second two digits are M for Misafir (Visitor) and another digit that "should" correspond to the year the vehicle was first registered, but not always.

The third digits are just the next unassigned number in the series.

You will also see on the roads some vehicles with a three digit middle section starting with M, these are just normal Turkish plates.

Bargain with the dealers, more than 300 is too much. If they won't come down on the price walk away, you won't get beyond the forecourt.

Police have blue plates, Miilitary have just a long number, Belediye vehicles have a black plate, diplomatic have a green plate (Corps Diplomatique and Corps Commerciale).

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