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URGENT REQUEST for assistance

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Urgent request for assistance...
I'm a foreigner, currently stranded in Istabul, since the start of the COVID emergency. I'm a teacher outside Tukey but unable to travel anywhere now and also unable to sustain myself, so I am in urgent need of some help. Please, if you can help, write to me at [email protected]

................................. APOLOGIES, I used Google translate for the below text ................

Acil yardım talebi ...
COVID acil durumunun başlamasından bu yana şu anda Istabul'da mahsur kalan bir yabancıyım. Ben Tukey dışında bir öğretmiyim ama şimdi hiçbir yere seyahat edemiyorum ve aynı zamanda kendimi sürdüremiyorum. Lütfen yardımcı olabilirseniz, bana [email protected] adresinden yazın.

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Hi VincentC, sorry to hear about your situation, if you are a British citizen you should ring the British Consulate Contact Centre on 0212 334 6400.

If you are not British you should contact the Consulate applicable to your own Nationality.

Hope you can find some help.

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