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Using A Foreign Rental Car In Turkey

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Hi to you all,I'm reading this wonderfull forum since weeks and today I decided to register in order to be more active and, may be some day, help someone other to set up in this wonderfull country.

I have immediatly a question.

I married a Turkish citizien in august 2008, my country of residence is Italy and I have a residence permit for Turkey as husband of a Turkish citizien.

I have already imported my goods to Turkey to have the custom benefits for the marriage.

I'll definitively move to Turkey in July 2009.

The question is: I'm currently driving a car which is owned by a service company and I'm paying (actually my company is paying...) a monthly rent for the car.

My plan is to bring this car with me till the end of the rental period which will be 2/2011.

My understanding is that in this case I have no right or need to import the car.... but it can't be that easy.does anybody knows which rules apply to such a situation??


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I am sure one of our expert members will reply but I have a feeling that you need to have the car in your name for 6 months before you can import it.

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We do have some experts here who can help, but just in case here's some info for you if you want to check with the Turkish Embassy in Rome (probably the best source of info) or the Italian Embassy in Ankara:

Turkish Embassy, Rome, Italy

Via Palestro, 28

00185 Roma


Tel: (+39) 06 4469932 or (+39) 06 4469933

Email: [email protected]

Italian Embassy, Ankara, Turkey

Ataturk Bulvari, 118



Tel: (+90) 312 4265460

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.ambankara.esteri.it

I hope that helps!

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Sorry for posting this late but I tried first the email path to the embassies and got no answer.

I wanted to have a written answer... but nothing so far.

Finally I called and the result is the following:A rental car can enter Turkey given that the driver provides to the custom a notarized proxy where the car owner gives explicit permission to bring and drive the car in Turkey.

The proxy needs to have an english or turkish translation.

Of course all the other car documents need to be provided.

If all the above is ok, the car will be recorded on the driver passport and can remain in Turkey for six months.

Good enough so far, butnow comes the funny part.

Should the driver go out of Turkey for whatever trip, the car should be brought to the custom and money will be asked for the period of the trip.

I couldn't get any information on how big is this per day amount.

If anyone has additional inormation it's welcome.


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