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How to get Turkish plates for my vehicle,please help

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I came with family to Turkey on October 2019 with my Bosnian car and decide to stayed here for good. we bought Apartment and after 2 months we got Turkish Residence permit. Than, I went to Custom office and got stamp into my passport that I can use my Bosnian car in Turkey up to my Bosnian registration plate and insurance-green card expire (beginning of June 2020). Looking to this situation in whole world, If I am prevented from renewing my registration and green card,how is it possible to register my car on Turkish license plate,not to leave Turkey. Is it possible and what will be following procedure and how much money will cost me. Thanks in advance for your reply and help.

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Question: What are the necessary documents in order to get temporary entrance carnet for foreign vehicles?

Answer: Only foreign people can get this carnet. These people shall submit the following documents besides residence permit taken from Ministry of Interior (Turkish National Police):
For those who are in Turkey for working; work permit certificate from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security [those who are blue card owners need to take a document from Social Security Institution (SGK) showing that premium is paid.]
For those who are in Turkey for educational purposes; education certificate arranged by the school administration that the person is registered.
For those who are retired; retirement document.


IF YOU WISH TO KEEP YOUR CAR HERE FOR MORE THAN 2YRS, you will also need to in receipt of a state pension or Turkish Work Permit, then you will need to apply to Turk Touring to pay a financial bond  ,be advised ,this might be as much as you paid for the car in your home country. [ The tax is calculated by the engine size and age of the vehicle. To enquire about this you will need to email or phone Turk Turing to find this out [ Turkish only].

Their www. link is below.] This will allow you to put the vehicle onto Turkish foreigners [M ] plates,but should allow you to sell within Turkey if required.


http://www.turing.org.tr/ytggk-mavi-karne/ Turk Touring Club Izmir no. is 0232-421-7149.

Link to enquire the import tax [VAT] element..

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