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How Can I Become a Turkish Citizen?

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Olivia Path

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Olivia, if not married to a Turkish citizen then you need to either have held Residence Permits for a period of 5 full years or more uninterrupted or own property in your name here valued at the Kadestro for a minimum of  $US 250,000. A full Work Permit again of 5 years  or more is another route, but you don't hold one.

To start any application for Turkish citizenship you first contact your local Nufus office for an appointment to collect the paper showing the documentation required in your province. Paperwork required will vary depending on your province.

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The Citizenship Law, Number 5901, Ammended in 2017, says this (I bolded the text in question):


Conditions Required for Application
Article 11- (1) A foreigner who wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship shall;
a) be at the age of maturity possessing the distinguishing power according to his/her own national legal system, or according to the Turkish law if she/he is stateless;
b) be residing in Turkey for five years, without interruption, prior to her/his date of application;
c) have the intention of settling in Turkey and prove this intention with action;
ç) not have any disease that constitutes a danger to public health;
d) be a person of good morals;
e) speak an adequate level of Turkish;
f) have an income or profession to provide for his own livelihood and those of his/her dependants in Turkey;
g) not pose a threat to national security and public order.

Here's what it says on the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs (Nüfus) website:


Genel Hükümlere Göre Türk Vatandaşlığının Kazanılması  

5901 sayılı Türk Vatandaşlığı Kanununun 11 inci maddesi uyarınca Türk vatandaşlığını kazanmak isteyen yabancılarda;

Kendi millî kanununa, vatansız ise 4721 sayılı Türk Medenî Kanununa göre ergin ve ayırt etme gücüne sahip olmak.
Başvuru tarihinden geriye doğru Türkiye'de kesintisiz beş yıl ikamet etmiş olmak.
Türkiye'de yerleşmeye karar verdiğini; Türkiye'de taşınmaz mal edinmek, iş kurmak, yatırım yapmak, ticaret ve iş merkezini Türkiye'ye nakletmek, çalışma iznine tabi olarak bir iş yerinde çalışmak ve benzeri davranışlarla teyit etmiş olmak veya Türk vatandaşı ile evlenmek, ailece müracaat etmek, daha önce Türk vatandaşlığını kazanmış olan ana, baba, kardeş ya da çocuk sahibi olmak veya eğitimini Türkiye'de tamamlamak.
Genel sağlık bakımından tehlike teşkil eden bir hastalığı bulunmamak.
Toplum içinde birlikte yaşamanın gerektirdiği sorumluluk duygusu ile davranarak iyi ahlak sahibi olduğunu göstermek, davranışları ile çevresine güven vermek, toplumca hoş karşılanmayan ve toplum değerlerine aykırı kötü alışkanlığı bulunmamak.
Toplumsal yaşama uyum sağlayabilecek düzeyde Türkçe konuşabilmek.
Türkiye'de kendisinin ve bakmakla yükümlü olduğu kimselerin geçimini sağlayacak gelire veya mesleğe sahip olmak.
Millî güvenlik ve kamu düzeni bakımından engel teşkil edecek bir hali bulunmamak.  
şartları aranır.


According to the above "Aquisition of Turkish Citizenship According to General Provisions" on the Nüfus website, there must be a decision to settle in Turkey, to acquire immovable property in Turkey, to build a business, investing, trading and transporting a business center to Turkey, work in an on-site business with a work permit and to reaffirm with one's behavior, or marry a Turkish citizen, etc.

You can read it using Google Chrome with the Google Translate extension to translate it into English.

According to both above, property ownership isn't always required. But you must prove your intent to remain in Turkey by your actions to the point where it convinces a citizenship board and the authority which approves citizenship that you're here to stay.

Normally, foreigners demonstrate this by buying property. So I think this became "a foreigner must own property to become a Turkish citizen" which isn't necessarily so. If you have some other convincing way to prove your intent to remain in Turkey, you may be given Turkish citizenship.

The above is regarding citizenship where you apply for citizenship then appear for an interview before a citizenship board, and your application is sent to a competent authority for approval or rejection.

However, there is another program where, if you buy a property worth the equivalent of $250,000 USD or more, you can automatically become a Turkish citizen based on the fact that you bought a high-value property. In that case there's no citizenship board, and you're put on a fast-track to citizenship.

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I had a Turkish friend call the Nüfus and ask if a foreigner is required to own property to become a Turkish citizen. The person working the Nüfus said no, there is no requirement for a foreigner to own property. But property ownership is one of several ways for a foreigner to prove their intent to live in Turkey.

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Dear All,

Having a property is one of the preconditions only for applications through property investment type. For other type of citizenship applications,for instance, living in Turkey for more than 5 years with RP or being married with a Turkish citizen, property ownership status is not something which the immigration authority takes into consideration. 

There are different types of applications which all of them have their own set of conditions. Thus, for those who wants to do the citizenship application should look into the requirements of that particular type.

It is not in English language, but you can have a look at the application types under the link given below; 


For instance, application through "marriage with a Turkish citizen" would require a 3 years long official marriage but not residence permit or property ownership etc. 


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