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Marrying In Turkey

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. My boyfriend and I (both Scottish) are planning on getting married in July, and want to get married in the Dalaman area (Turkey is our ideal wedding location as we first got engaged here 5years ago). From what I have read on the subject, its not very straight forward, and as we will be coming out a week before our planned wedding date, we dont have a lot of time in which to organise all of the legal side! It has been suggested that we get married in the UK and have a "blessing ceremony" when we arrive in Dalaman, is this possible? Is this any easier to organise or would we still have to visit the British Consulate etc, and complete the legal process as we would if we were to get married in Turkey? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I have found all of the information previously posted very informative and helpful so far! ThanksDeeDee

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The legal marriage ceremony in Turkey is actually just a joint signing of an official record in the company of government representatives and witnesses, after the couple are asked a couple of questions about their intention to marry. There's not much to the actual legal ceremony. Normally it's followed by a party elsewhere. So if you wanted to have an English-speaking Christian minister perform the ceremony, if you can find one, it wouldn't be the legal marriage but would have sentimental value. The one I went to was done by appointment, on a day that lots of people showed up to get married.

We do have a member who went through the whole process and posted it in this forum if you haven't seen it yet...

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If you contact the minister at the church in Izmir he'll probably be able to tell you about ministers in the Dalaman area.

I'll send you a PM with his number.

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Hi,Thank you for your help! We were hoping to have a "blessing" ceremony in Dalaman after the legal ceremony, for our friends and family to attend so I will continue my hunt for an English speaking minister!! My boyfriend and I arrive in Turkey next week, for a short holiday so we will be trying to plan as much as possible while we're out! Thanks again for all your help, and I will be sure to contact the minister in Izmir when I get back to Dalaman so thank you for passing on his number Sunny!!

Dee Dee

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You are welcome Deedee. If there's anything else we can help with let us know.

Good Luck! :clapping[1]:

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Hiyayou could have a blessing at the house of the Virgin Mary also in Selcuk just outside Kusadasi. They have an english priest there at the moment.

Regards to the blood tests required, if you both dont want them, and ask the registrar and they agree, the blood tests can be waived. (so long as the registrar agrees).

Just make sure you bring all your original paper work and no copies, plus your passport pics etc, so long as you bring all the correct stuff then there wont be a problem at the consulate, done and dusted in a short time.

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Good advice, Sunny, didn't think of that. The Church of England has a church in Izmir that is on the British consulate grounds, here's the church website where you can use their contact form, since the vicar will probably know more about any English-speaking ministers in that area than I do. Hope that helps!http://stjohns.turkiye.org/

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