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Corona and health insurance Covering

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Hello Everyone,

Please I need your knowledge and advice about Corona and its covering by health Insurance covering.

I have only Health insurance which I used for RP, I could not have one from SGK because I have not been one year in Turkey yet. my husband have no health Insurance because he is over 65 year.

Both have Swedish health insurance , which unfortunately  is not valid here in Turkey.

I do not know how it will go if one of us will be infected with Corona virus and need to be hospitalized?

Is the Turkish system will allowed us to be treated in the public health system as it is a pandemic disease? 

we very worried , as we could not traveled back to Sweden.

Many thank in advance.

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On 06/04/2020 at 20:29, REDDERS said:

For anyone diagnosed with the virus ,treatment is free at all Devlet hospitals.

I am curious about this also. I presume no hospital will turn anyone away but what keeps them from assessing charges later? I have only found articles stating such as this:   https://www.trtworld.com/turkey/coronavirus-treatment-in-turkey-is-free-35417

The first paragraph says "Turkish citizens who have contracted with Covid-19 will be treated free of charge." 

But then it goes on to say  "As part of fight against coronavirus, all people in Turkey regardless of whether they have social security or not will be able to benefit from the equipment provided by the Health Ministry."

But then says "Health Ministry also is authorised to determine principles regarding to the procedure."

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