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Import A Car Into Turkey

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You can now make a temporary in import of a vehicle for a maximum of 2yrs, even without being a retired person, but you have to have been out of Turkey for the previous 180 days. If you wished t

Also if you want to import it full time & put on Turkish 'M' plates it MUST be LHD. You can only bring in a RHD car on your passport & that being the 6 months in & out rule.

I think the best people to get answers for your specific case would be the companies that deal with blue plate and diplomatic plate cars. If you Google blue plate you will find them.

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If I brought a UK car into Turkey and then left within 6 months, then that would be okay. If my wife then wanted to bring it in would that be okay, if not, what if I just brought in a different car every 6 months or could my wife and I swap the car into each others names every other trip?

i realise there are lots of comments - however....there must be a way....thanks

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You can now make a temporary in import of a vehicle for a maximum of 2yrs, even without being a retired person, but you have to have been out of Turkey for the previous 180 days.

If you wished to repeat this with the same car or another ,then just the 180 day rule stands in your way before re importing any car. You must also have been the registered keeper of the vehicle for a minimum of 6 months prior to importing.

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Hi everyone. I brought my car from the UK into Turkey in July 2016. Unfortunately it had broken down in Italy and following a very expensive repair, it had problems starting but managed to complete the journey. After using it in Turkey for a couple of months, and not being confident that it would make the return journey, I took a flight back to the UK, leaving the   car behind. I had intended to return to Turkey later the same year, but for various reasons I wasn't able to come to Turkey for over a year.

Having finally returned earlier this month, I have had the car serviced and intending to drive the car back to the UK. The HDI Sigorta insurance I took out when crossing the Turkish border in 2016 expired in Oct '16, so I called the Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade to ask for some advice. Having explained my situation to two different persons, neither were able to give me any advice on the legal requirements, only redirecting me to the website. I couldn't find any information to clarify what I need to do. 

I assume I have to get the car insured again before I take it to the border but gave no idea where to get the insurance from. Does anyone here have any clues on what to do?

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Hi Michael,first how long were you given to keep the car here?...did you enter with a 90 day visa or RP,& if RP were you given 2 years?
As for the insurance,if the system is the same as insuring a Turkish car,then you'll have to pay a fine for non insurance,then take out a new policy.

The fine would be determined by the insurance company,so you'll need to ask your Turkish broker for this figure.

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On 30/12/2008 at 11:05, Ken Grubb said:

Hello Ayse, and welcome! We've had this question a few times before, and your questions may already have been answered under another topic in the Customs forum. I know I've answered a few of these already, it's kind of a common question. Have a look around, and if you have any questions after that, feel free to post them here. :lol: We do have a customs official in the "professionals" group of this forum, and he can assist you as well if your situation hasn't already been addressed... it sounds like your situation might be different, because you're a Turkish citizen.

I don't see a group called : "Professionals"

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