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Moving to Turkey as a Single Mom

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I am recently divorced and have a one-year-old. I have lived in Turkey before, but always with my ex-husband's family. 

I am wondering if there is a stigma attached to being a single mother in Istanbul? For example, I am worried about having trouble finding an apartment to rent. I have some leads on jobs but am likewise concerned if it would be an issue for a potential employer that I am a single mother. I am also hesitant because I know from experience that I tend to stick out in Turkey (as a young blonde foreigner). I am wondering if this could become dangerous for myself or my daughter if I do not have a male companion present.

I am planning to move to a city where I have no close friends or family. Her sey kendi kendime yapmaliyim, as it were. I have some reservations but am definitely excited for this new chapter in my life. I'd appreciate any insight on this. :)

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Thanks for the response, Ibrahim Abi. No, I do not have Turkish citizenship. 

I’m interested in knowing what the perception of single moms is in Istanbul, especially foreign single moms?

In my post I provided a couple of examples of areas where my life might be affected because I’m a single mom, but I’m looking for information of a really general nature, not anything super specific to my situation. Does anyone know what the social perception of single moms (especially foreign single moms) in Istanbul is? I would appreciate any input :)  thanks ! 

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I doubt there will be a stigma attached to you as a single mother in Istanbul, there are plenty of divorces in Turkey and therefore plenty of single mothers. I think your bigger problem will be your employment.

Generally employers in Turkey are not allowed to hire a foreigner unless there is no Türk available or capable of doing the job so you are unlikely to get a job officially. I think this is why Ibrahim Abi asked if you had Turkish Citizenship. To work legally you will have to have a work permit which is obtained for you by your employer. If you accept work illegally you will not be able to pay into the social care system and therefore will have no right to make pension payments, healthcare payments or work related health insurance. You will be outside the protection of employment laws and at the mercy of your employer if anything goes wrong.

We have articles to guide you about working in Turkey, you will find them here.

Good luck with your endeavour, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.


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