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Im european woman and i want to have religious marriage with turk man in turkey

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Hello everyone,


please somebody help me in my situation? Im from germany, and i wanrt marry with turkish young  man, we love each other, (my fiance doesnt want to live with me till  we will marry). So i prefer religious wedding in mosque, ( because it is a lot of paperworks for me). What i need to have ( which documents) if i want to marry in religious way in istanbul with him? 

we want in future to marry also in civil way, officialiy, but now not. We dont have also money for this paperworks and etc. We want to have only religious wedding at first. Can somebody help me, if it is possible or not? And which documents imams required? Or only my passport is ok? Thank you in advance!! Somewhere on the webpages i was reading that this typical religious marriage woth imams are not common already, but we need this.

Im german christian woman. Thank you!

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I am a British man married to a Turkish woman. We had intended to marry in Turkey but at the time my local UK registrars office was in the process of changing location and so delays meant that they did not manage to provide the certificate of no impediment document I needed in time for my travel to Turkey.

This certificate of no impediment document is required for the official secular civil marriage service in Turkey, as far as I am aware it is a requirement of international law, so you would need the German equivalent and a Certified Translation in Turkish.

We were still able to have a religious marriage, though that was just for us and our family and friends and is not legally recognised by the Turkish or UK authorities. So we had the religious marriage and a honeymoon in North Cyprus.  We had the official civil marriage service six months later in England when we had managed to get all the appropriate documents and visas sorted out. That was back in 2006, marrying a foreign citizen in the UK is more difficult and expensive now. I do not know what the situation in Germany is.

Hopefully someone else here will be able to provide you with more information.

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