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Brit Marrying Turkish National In Turkey

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HiI have trawled various sites to check out what paperwork I require as a Brit marring a Turkish National in Turkey.

My fiance has also sent me a list of things I have to do as he has been sorting things out at the Registrar's Office his end.

We are getting married in Adana end of December (fingers AND toes crossed!) As I don't arrive in Adana until 21st Dec it will be a close call for us to travel to our respective Consulates in Ankara to do more paperwork.

I've got everything together eg Cert of Non-Impediment etc but now I have found a web site which states I will need a medical examination in Turkey before we can marry. Is this correct?

I've also been told I need an 'International Marriage Licence'.

Is this something I have to apply for or is it something we get once we are married - if we get that far???!!!

Google not being helpful here.

Many thanks in advance.


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Oh-ho, medical exam... THAT'S a can of worms!

I think the international marriage licence is what you get at your local consulate when you take your certificate of non-impediment there to be translated. They issue you with a bunch of papers that you need to take to the local Vali to be signed and once you have that you can proceed onto the hospital and then onwards to the Turkish registrar.

Hospital?? I hear you cry... Yes, anyone intending to marry in Turkey needs to take a blood test at the local Sağlık Ocağı (health centre) to show they don't have undesirable diseases. This isn't a foreigner thing - Turks also need to take the same test. I'm not sure what they test for though - we didn't need to wait for any results before heading down to the registrar's office to book our dates.

HOWEVER... women who have been married before and divorced less than 300 days used to have to have an internal pregnancy test (presumably to prove they were not pregnant with their ex-husband's child). From what I can discover, they don't do this any more.

But a friend of mine (who I don't think had been married before) made the mistake of going to a relatively rural clinic, and was given the same test!!! She was far more reticent about it than I would have been, I think :S Moral of the story? Stick to more cosmopolitan areas when having health checks....

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Hi LauraMany thanks.

Another question ...... when you say 'local consulate', do you mean the Brit Consulate down in London or the Brit Cons in Ankara which is the nearest to Adana or the Turkish Cons in Ankara?

So many consulates and none on our doorstep I am getting travel sick!


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I mean the British Consulate that is nearest to you in Turkey or that deals with where you are marrying. There is an honourary consulate in Adana but I don't think it deals with marriages. He can tell you which consulate DOES deal with your area though. I'm sure you can go to Ankara because that's the main consulate, but maybe you can also use Antalya which might make for a nicer trip! (Especially in winter!).http://ukinturkey.fco.gov.uk/en/our-office...ions-in-turkey/

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Hi Cas,I got married 2 yrs ago in Turkey and the blood tests are for HIV,HEP-B,chlamidia (sp) , syphiliss and one more that i cant put my finger on at the moment. Unless the law has changed within the last 2 yrs i cannot recollect getting an international licence to marry but that doesnt mean to say you dont need one, there are ways and means in Turkey and because i didnt have one doesn't mean to say someone else will ask for one.

All i took the the resigtry office was the medical test results and my cert of non imp along with my passport that was it .

My husband had to take his divorce papers and his ID card along with his blood tests.

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