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Turkish Visa Dates Calculation Confusing

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i read your article about the visa calculation and i also used the calculator you put as a link.but i just don't understand every time i arrive in turkey they tell me something completely different.

now i arrived on the 28.2.2020 the last time i was here was from the 12.9.19-13.11.19 = 63 days..

so the online visa calculator tells me i got 90 days but at the passport control they tell me 26 days and that i have to leave after that otherwise i get a fine..

i had several of those experiences! once they thought me my visa is finished ( not in the passport control in an office) so i got a flight the next day and wanted to leave and on the airport they thought me i have 28 days left...

well do i have 90 days as the online calculator says because its moving 180 days???

i hope my question is clear and you can help me...really slowly i don't know anymore!

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Visa rules will vary depending on what agreement Turkey and your country have.

On your visa, for how long is it valid? When is the start and end date? This is the validity period.

On your visa, how many days does it allow you to be in Turkey during that time?

Can you write here exactly what your visa says about these two things?

A lot of visa calculators assume that the user has a visa with a validity period of 180 days, because that's what the typical European visa (called a Schengen Visa) allows. These calculators also assume that your visa allows you to be in Turkey for up to 90 days in a 180-day period, which is also according to the European Schengen Visa.

But visas which are from other countries may have a shorter validity period and allow less days in Turkey. So with whatever visa calculator you use, you would have to enter the dates of the validity period and the number of days you're allowed to be in Turkey according to the visa you have.

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oh thank you for answering it didnt show me u answered!!!...

so im from switzerland..it has the 90/180 day rule as far as i know...

i tried allready to reconstruct zhe whole year to understand the calculation..coz as i mentioned before its been pretty dramatic so far for me...

so i arrived on the 28.2.2020 this time...the last time i was here from the 12.9.2019 stayed until 13.11.2019...

so at arrival on the 28.2 it sayd 26 days...but last time aswell they sayed 48...but in the end i stayed more and it was no problem...

so when i leave do they also just look back 180????so it would not matter what days they tell you at the entry???

sorry i dind it difficult to make it clear!!hope its understandable!!!

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This is so complicated I hesitate to get involved in all the math, and the passing of days, and how many days someone was in Turkey, etc...

You should be able to use a Schengen Visa calculator to figure this out.

The number of days in Turkey only applies to the number of days you've been in Turkey in the previous 180 days. Any days you've spent in Turkey before the beginning of that previous 180-day period don't matter. This date range changes every day, and always ends on whatever date "today" is.

Also, your visa has a validity period of 180 days. This is a completely different date range that always begins on a set date and ends on another set date which is the visa's expiration date. On that date your visa will be invalid no matter how many days you've been in Turkey or not been in Turkey, and after that date you'll have to get a new visa. Even if you get a new visa, and even though it will be valid for 180 days, you'll still be restricted to a maximum of 90 days in Turkey during the previous 180-day rolling period, even if you buy a new visa.

So what is the start date and end date of your current visa's validity period?

I'll take a look at the numbers and run it through a Schengen Visa calculator and see what I come up with.

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i know im sorry it pretty complicated...:/...

im not shure i understand what you mean by mycurrent visa..i never got an e visa i just arrive generally...

this time i arrived on 28.2....they sayed on arrival i have 26 days left...

my last stay in the 180days  was from the 12.9.19-13.11.19....

thank you!!!!

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Sorry, my mistake... I forgot you were traveling visa-free. In that case you wouldn't have to worry about any expiration dates, you would just have to worry about exceeding 90 days in Turkey in any 180-day period.

OK I went to this Schengen Visa calculator:


Here is a result of the dates you provided using the calculator, in a screenshot. I entered today's date as if you were departing today, that allows the calculator to determine how many days you have left as of today. Click on the image for a closer view.


It's saying you have spent a total of 74 days in Turkey in the previous 180-day period, and you still have 16 days left.

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