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...even More Scams

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I was reading the topic 'Scams' that was posted. I loved the pics and they were quite creative - Thanks Ben. It's nice to see that there are counter-scammers out there other than myself. I tend to contact the scammers by using Skype and with the sounds of a busy office in the background, I usually advise them that I 'wired the necessary funds' and they should go to the Western Union or banking institute to pick up the funds. Of course, I've gotten pretty creative about fabricating paperwork to ensure the scammer that I did in fact wire the money. The end results have been pretty good. :unsure: I can't come close to this guy... you will have to read it on this site:http://www.zug.com/pranks/powerbook/index.htmlIn the process of trying to sell a Powerbook on eBay, he realized that he was in position to become a victim to an experienced scammer. The scammer wanted a Powerbook (left) but what he received is on the right. Like I said, you will have to read the story on the link I posted. It's quite creative. :lol:post-2102-1227325198_thumb.jpg

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Wow, a great counter-prank, but he certainly advertised himself on it, very unsafe! This one was quite unique in that he actually had someone at the destination where this "Powerbook" would be delivered!

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