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Shipping Belongings To Turkey

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Hi,I'm new to the forum. I am in the very early stages of finding out all about moving to Turkey.

I am trying to find out more about shipping my belongings to Turkey.

It will be just be me that is moving, but I have quite a lot of belongings I will want to take with me.

My questions are:Approximately what does this cost?

Does anyone have any recommendation of organisations that offer this service, I am prepared to pay more for a slick, hassle free service!!

How long does it take to get your belongings shipped?

Does everything get delivered to your door in Turkey?

Apologies for all the questions, but any information on this will be greatly recieved!!

Thanks a lot,dorkers77.

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hi! I might be approaching this question in the wrong way but...after being through expensive shipping experiences to and from 3 countries (and had stuff damaged from one place and stolen from Russia even after using Pickfords) at some considerable cost, I recommend just taking excess baggage with you every time you fly back after visiting the UK and buying the rest of the stuff here. I calculated it is really cheaper and hassle free this way.

Whereabouts in Turkey do you wish to live?

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..i have to agree with Benhalterci..we were quoted

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Ooh a relocation expert - very useful. Welcome taltiney - and dorkers77 of course!

Personally I chose the option to travel over with overweight baggage and give things to visitors to bring when they come over. There are still bits and pieces to come (4 years later) but most of them I no longer want! Yes, it's a hassle carting things over continents and oceans but it helps you focus your mind on what you really want. My neighbours shipped all their furniture and belongings over in a container 4 years ago and some of it is still in the container because they found the tax too high to be worth releasing it! About the things they DID bring - they said next time they wouldn't bother. The furniture that was so functional and attractive back in the UK is inappropriate here, the clothes are for the wrong climate and lifestyle, and most of the items with sentimental value have gone in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

All that said, I'd be interested to hear what taltinay has to say about my nan's grandfather clock, over in Rhode Island and really not possible to squeeze into my hand luggage...

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