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Marrying my girlfriend in Turkey

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hi, i really need a help. Because I and my Girlfriend from Turkey are planning to live together in Turkey but we don't know what to do since I am from Philippines. can Somebody help me to know the things i/we need to do so I can get there and do our plans? Thank you.
PS. I have my passport already.

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It's pretty easy for you to go to Turkey. You just need to buy, online, an e-visa. You can buy one here:


Click "Apply" and go through the process. I just checked it for another member, and citizens of the Philippines can get an e-visa valid for 180 days. It allows up to 30 days in Turkey during those 180 days. After you pay with a credit card, the system will give you a link to download and print the e-visa. When you come to Turkey, just show the e-visa and your passport to immigration.

If you want to remain in Turkey (which obviously you do), you will need to apply for a short-term residence permit. These are issued normally for one year, and can be extended. Because you only have a maximum of 30 days on your visa, you should apply for one as soon as possible after entering Turkey.

To get a residence permit, you have to show that you have enough money to live on, you have a legal address, and have a health insurance policy to cover you for the duration of the residence permit (usually one year). 

If you need help with the online application process, contact Selma. She does residence permit applications for Turkey Central members and guests, and can also provide the health insurance:


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Hello Sir Ken, I'm sorry for asking that. So we really wanted to be together but we are really having problems regarding getting my Turkey Visa because, I don' have the enough requirements to be approved for a Turkey VISA I only have my Passport. I read to get a Turkey VISA as a tourist I have to have a bank account to show that I can live in Turkey for the Days that I am going to apply. Is there any alternative ways to get a Turkey VISA, and is it possible for me to have even though I don't have the said requirement/s?

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Hi Ramizes,

I wasn't aware of the extra requirements citizens of The Philippines had to meet. Apparently the e-visa website is saying (in the 4th prerequisite) that you need a European, UK, US, or Ireland visa to enter Turkey. A Schengen visa is a European visa. But that wouldn't be possible for you. I wonder if it's possible for you to be married in the Philippines first, then go to Turkey. The only way to find out would be to contact the Turkish embassy or a Turkish consulate in The Philippines, and ask them what you need to do.

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I'll certainly try. I learned something here I didn't know before, that beyond the second page of the e-visa website there's a third page which lists even more requirements. I'm sorry it turned out this way for you, and I hope you can find some what to get to Turkey.

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Don't worry about it Sir, you helped me a lot and i hope you won't stop helping if someone like  me or  even myself needed a help from a person like you. On monday, I am  planning to go to the turkish embassy and  talk to a consulate about this matter and i hope i get  a good feedback and make my hopes even higher. Take care and Enjoy your stay here in Philippines!

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OK, excellent. Good luck with your meeting! I hope it comes out well for you. I hope you'll update this topic, since it will help others from the Philippines learn the rules, and me also. :)

I am enjoying my stay, a lot! I want to come here every year when it's winter in Turkey.

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