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Pepper Segovia

Philippines Citizen Traveling to Turkey to Marry Turkish Fiance

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Hi I dont know if im in the right page Since im not a turkish national, but my fiance is. Hes been here in Philiplines for 3 years he love and like philippines i know that, now I supposed to go with him but i need visa but Immigration in philippines didnt give us a chance to arrange anything. they hold my fiance in airport even his exit clearance is feb 6 so he have enought time to fix everything. i didnt see him since they are not allowed to contact or talk or see anybody. Now what we Planned is im the one the one who will come but the im worried i stop already from my job. and what visa i need and information. someone have experience or any idea? thanks

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Hi Pepper,

A coincidence... I'm in The Philippines right now, in Cebu. The reason I'm late replying is because I have been traveling to Cebu. :) Here's what you need to do to travel to Turkey.

Get a Passport

 You can learn about how to get a passport in the Philippines by going here:


Get an E-visa

After you have your passport, you must get an e-visa to enter Turkey. This is pretty easy. You can buy a visa online, here:


Just click "Apply" and go through the e-visa process.

I just checked it to see what the visa requirements were for citizens of the Philippines, by entering "Philippines" as the country and "Ordinary Passport" which I assume you will have. The e-visa online system said you can get an e- visa. The e-visa will be valid for 180 days. During that 180 days you can enter and leave Turkey as much as you want for a maximum of 30 days in Turkey.

So you can go to Turkey, no problem. Just

  1. Get your passport
  2. Get an e-visa
  3. Get a plane ticket
  4. Go to Turkey.

In the e-visa system, you pay for the e-visa with a credit card. Then the system gives you a link to download your e-visa and print it. When you arrive in Turkey show your passport and your e-visa and you can walk right in.

Apply for a Residence Permit

To stay longer than the 30 days your visa allows, you must apply for a short-term residence permit (which is another process). While the name is "short term," you can get one for up to two years at a time. For that you mostly have to have a place to live and enough money to live on, and have health insurance which usually costs around 500 Turkish Lira depending on your age and other factors. You apply online for the residence permit, at 


Do this as soon as you can after arriving in Turkey. If you need information about that let me know.

So yes, it is definitely doable. If you have a passport you can buy an e-visa today and fly to Turkey tomorrow if you want to.

If you want somebody to do your online residence permit application for you, contact Selma here:


She does residence permit applications for Turkey Central members and guests. She's also an insurance broker so she can provide the health insurance policy as well.

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Hi Ken Thanks so much for this info, i just wsnt to clarify that first: I need only an evisa and passport?

second: how about those bank account or any requirement? when i check evisa is only to thise who have resident permit from some country like EU. thanks waiting your reply.

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Yes, you only need a passport and a visa.

A Pilippines citizen can get an e-visa. Go back to the e-visa website and click "apply." Then fill in your passport info. Enter that and the system will tell you the visa info, you aren't buying the visa yet so don't worry. I just want you to see that you can get.a visa.

For a visa, they don't care about bank account info because the visa is temporary. But when you apply for a residence permit they'll need to see your bank account info, usually for the last 6 months.

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hi Ken how about immigration in philippines im just worried about what called offload and im sure they will interview and do i need to process resident permit in turkey ?do i need to bring all this documents with me like bank account ans statements?sorry for questions since the first time I heard that Passport and evisa only .. how about ticket back?

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Hi Pepper,

If the Philippines has any laws or restrictions about your leaving The Philippines, you would need to find that out yourself. The link I left above under "Get a Passport" is probably the office where you would learn about the laws in the Philippines. As for Turkey, if you have a passport and an e-visa, you can enter Turkey and stay for as long as your visa allows.

Here is some information about residence permits.


You would be applying for a Short-term Residence Permit if you're not married.


If you have any questions about the articles there just post them here and I'll answer them.

Here's a link to the e-ikamet (e-residence) website which explains the required documents. It is a PDF file:


After you're married, if your husband is working and covered by Turkey's national health insurance plan, you can be covered as will, and also apply for a family residence permit. The family residence permit, if you're married to a Turk, is for three years. After three years of marriage you can apply to become a Turkish citizen.


do i need to bring all this documents with me like bank account ans statements?

Normally they'll accept a print-out of your bank statement that you can access on your bank's website. If they need more, they'll tell you, and give you time to get what they need. One thing I would recommend is that you get a criminal record check done before you go. If you're going to Istanbul, it's possible they'll ask for that, and it is easiest to get a criminal record check done while you're in the Philippines.

Let me also give you some important telephone numbers you can call. They are for the residence permit helpline. There is an English option available. Using this helpline, you can talk to an immigration specialist directly and learn what you need to do. That way you can be 100% sure you're getting the most accurate information possible.

+90 312 157 1122 is the residence permit helpline's international number, that you can call from The Philippines. There will be a charge for the international call, of course.

157 is the residence permit helpline's number from inside Turkey. Once you're in Turkey, you can call that number from any telephone (including your mobile phone), for free.


how about ticket back?

I'm not sure what you mean. As far as Turkey is concerned, you can just leave at any time as long as you don't exceed the number of days your visa allows you to be in Turkey. If you stay longer than the days allowed (an overstay), you will have to pay a fine when you leave, and if your overstay is over ten days, you might be banned from returning for three months or more. Is that what you were asking about?

What happens with the Government of the Philippines, I don't know... you would have to ask about that.

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My pleasure! I wish both of you all the best, and that you have no difficulties going to Turkey so you can be with your fiance. If you ever need help, I'll be here. :)

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