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Mersin: excruciatingly boring

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Hello there everyone so i recently moved to mersin from the U.


E about 6 months ago because of my dads occupation as a trader and as a young 18 year old i just cant seem to find anything to do ive pretty much spent all this time inside or the occasional visit to forum or marina but surely there must be more to do here right? 

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I lived in Adana for a few years and have been to Mersin several times. I also noticed that there didn't seem to be much to do there. Other than visiting the Naval Museum or something! About the only thing we ever went to Mersin for was to go to Kiz Kalesi, which mostly involved swimming and working on our tans, or drinking in the bars. Not much exciting there, either!

There's a Mersin expats group on Facebook, Run by Janey. You might try connecting with them. It would seem to me the local expats would have come up with a few things to do around there.

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Hi, I'm Janey mentioned above. Our expat group is mostly for expat ladies so probably not really what you're looking for.

I agree there isn't a lot for young people in Mersin (which is probably why they are all so desperate to leave the city). Most of the teenagers/early adults hang out around Kushi or at the bars along the waterfront. If you're not a drinker then the coffee shops behind Forum would be where most teenagers can be found.

There's also a few foreigner groups on FB, in particular English language groups. They meet every week or so at coffee houses. Finally lots of hangouts up university road.

Hope that gives you a few options.

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In the summer my stepsons played tennis at Sports International  near Mersin Marina.

I do agree that for younger people there is not much to do in Mersin, we may be moving to Antalya this year as my older stepson has been offered a job there and it seems to be a more lively place than Mersin.

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