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Private student dormitory... Is it a good investment in Istanbul?

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Hi all, 

I will really appreciate any advice regarding investing in private student dormitory in Istanbul? 

Is it a good investment? What's the average price per sqm? 

What's the average cost per bed dor shared rooms

The area I'm thinking about is
 Esenyurt - Istanbul. What do you think about this area? 

Any information is welcome 

Many thanks in advance 

Kind regards 


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I've not heard of this kind of investment before. Sounds interesting! I don't know where you would find information specifically about this, but there must be lots of information about buying apartment buildings and other income property elsewhere on the internet. It would always boil down to how much occupancy the building has, how much income it generates per year, minus taxes, expenses, etc., and the amount you'll be buying the building for. All of this would vary from property to property. You could at least get an idea of how much of a return you would get on investment from year to year.

I do know that the "rent to value ratio" tends to be lower in Turkey than in a lot of other countries. Of course it will vary from property to property.  It is also called the "price to rent ratio." It tells you your return on investment. Whatever that ratio is for your building would be the main number you need to find, then compare that with other buildings, or even with the usual rent to value ratios of other cities and countries, and with other investments you could make with the money besides buying a dormitory.

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Hi Ken, 

Many  thanks for your reply, I'm far from being knowledgeable about realestate investment in Turkey  my only source of information is the Internet and the saying of the real estate agent who is is saying that 10% net return is expected from this investment 

The concept sounds very interesting but I was hoping for the validation( or not) of people who have experience in the Turkish Market, some feedback about the area





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