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Dave Nichols

Wife’s residency visa

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Hi  all , I just discovered this  forum , seems to be very informative. About my self. I am from Australia, working in Turkey on the 1915 Çanakkale suspension bridge project .I live in an apartment, paid for by the Australian company I work for in Gelibolu.  My wife has also arrived same day as me on a 90 day in 180 day visa . We arrived on the 13th of October . I’m hoping to get her a residency permit.  
   Is it advantageous to apply on line now? Reading these forums I think we will need a marriage certificate, that is in Australia , so we won’t be arriving back till at least the middle of January after a two week break . I believe we need a rental contract too . We can organise that easily enough . My wife can leave for Australia early so as to not use up her 90 days though. I just don’t know whether to apply now and wait till we come back , or apply when we DO return with the marriage certificate. Is there any thing else I will need? Like medical insurance, how would I get that if she is not a resident? Many thanks In advance . Dave 

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Hi Dave, Welcome to the forum. Have you asked the firm that you work for if they will get a residency for your wife? Some companies will do that. Can't advise on when to apply. You will need Marriage cert, it will need translating into Turkish and noterising. I believe that your wife will have health insurance as your dependent if your company is paying your Turkish social security (SGK). Also bring back evidence of educational certificates in case you wish to take up a Turkish driving licence.

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