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Moving to Turkey for Work

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You would need to find an employer in Turkey before anything else. Then after you get hired, your employer would start the process for your work permit. At the same time, you would work with the Turkish embassy or consulate to get a work visa to enter Turkey. Once your work permit and visa is approved, you can enter Turkey with the work permit, go to your job site, get your work permit and start working.

Here's an article about finding a job on Turkey. At the bottom are links to employment websites.

Finding a Job in Turkey

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I don't know specifically of a "seasonal work" visa, it's just a regular work visa. Some companies, such as tourism companies, hire seasonal workers during the peak season because of their foreign language skills. Or they hire foreign entertainers to put on shows for tourists, that kind of thing. The work visa is a single-entry visa, for the purpose of work. You apply for one while coordinating with your employer. While your employer applies in Turkey for your work permit, you go to the local Turkish embassy or consulate and present your visa application package. Then the person at the embassy or consulate gives you a registration number, which you send to your employer for them to complete the work permit application. If the work permit is approved, your work visa will also be approved. Then you go to the consulate and pick up your work visa and travel to Turkey. After you arrive you receive your work permit. 

The work permit will be valid for one year, or until the end of your contract, whichever comes soonest. So the only difference for a seasonal worker would be that their work permit would end as soon as their job ends, and that would probably be at the end of the season.

An important note is that a work permit is only good for one employer. If you change jobs or get another job, your new employer will have to apply for a new work permit for you. If you can't find another employer and your work permit is coming to an end, you can apply for a short-term residence permit within 60 days before your work permit expires. Otherwise, when your work permit expires, you will have ten days to leave Turkey.

Concerning finding a good employer, you could do some Google searches to see if any former employees have made online complaints about the company you're interested in working for. I've seen comments (positive and negative) about various language schools in sites which specialize in those kinds of jobs, but I haven't seen anything like that for other types of companies.

I can suggest one company in Antalya that helps foreigners find jobs and also offers assistance with residence and work permits. Their website is www.residencepermitturkey.com. I say suggestion, not recommendation, since I don't personally know what kind of services they provide or their level of quality. But I do know that they process a LOT of residence permits, and they do provide a service to find work for foreigners. So you might try them.

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