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No temporary residence permit paper or any other paper given after I submitted my application

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Was this in Istanbul? And are you talking about the receipt for the payment of the residence permit application and/or residence permit card?

You can just go back, without an appointment,  ask to see the immigration specialist who was handling your case and explain the situation. Then whoever it was should give you a residence permit application document, which will serve as your temporary residence permit, or if you are in Istanbul, they may give you a letter saying that your residence permit is being processed. Your receipt is probably in your residence permit application package.

Otherwise, as long as you have a valid visa, or residence permit (if this is an extension), you'll be okay with those until you get it straightened out. What would normally happen next is that you'll get an SMS message saying whether or not your application has been approved, then a message from the PTT (post office) saying the have received your card and are in the process of delivering it.


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It was in Ankara. What I understood is they don’t give no temporary paper anymore!

And yes I forgot the payment receipt in the file, I went back the same day but she didn’t understand what I was saying and she was quite rude

i have a Germany passport  I didn’t have an entry visa and I’ve been here since 11 of August. I’ve been in an out a few times for a few days. 
i roughly have till 9th of November. 

Does it take long to get the sms that  says your application is been accepted ?

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Did they give you any kind of document at all which shows you have attended your appointment? For example, In Istanbul, they also don't always give the foreigner the normal Residence Permit Application Document. Instead they give them a Turkish document which is half a sheet of A4 paper, which just says they have received the application and will be processing it, and that the foreigner will be notified within 90 days. Did they give you one of those?

The processing time varies. I'm in Antalya, and I don't remember how long it took for me to receive the "approved" SMS message, but I had my card delivered in around 40 days.

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That's good news. Yes, that is fast, maybe being in Ankara had something to do with it.

I'm beginning to think that the amount of time left on the foreigner's visa or residence permit has something to do with it. If the immigration official knows that it's only taking a few days for delivery, and the foreigner has more than enough time left on their visa or current residence permit to cover them until it arrives, then there's no need for any documentation to cover you until it's delivered. Whereas in Antalya, for example, it's taking around 40 days to arrive. So if the foreigner may run out of time on their visa or current residence permit, they give the foreigner the Residence Permit Application Document to cover them until their card arrives. 

Just a theory... :)

Anyway good to hear you were approved, that it's at the PTT, and you can relax now. Congratulations! :winner_first: And thanks for updating us on this.

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