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Leaving Turkey While Waiting for Residence Permit

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My residence permit application in Istanbul is under assessment. I have had my appointment and have been told it will arrive within 90 days, if approved. However, i now need to leave the country for 10 days. I've called the Migration Office helpline and have been told conflicting stories about the legality of leaving Turkey whilst waiting for an RP to arrive. 

Some staff members say it can't be done at all, others say it can but only if a fee is paid and a document called the muracaat is obtained.

Can anyone here offer any advice or clarification?

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I applied for an extension of my residence permit but I will need to leave the country for about 6 weeks soon after the interview.  I can't wait for the new residence card to arrive because I don't know how long that might take, but I expect that by the time I get back the card would have arrived.  I'm wondering how long the Post Office would hold the card if I'm not there to collect it. 

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On 04/10/2019 at 20:59, Ken Grubb said:

At the end of your appointment, what document were you given? And what does it say?

Also, is your visa or previous residence permit still valid?

The document is called tebligat. It gives standard information (as far as i can translate) about waiting for the result of the application. There is no information about leaving the country until the RP arrives.

My e-visa with which I entered the country is no longer valid. 

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The tebligat informs you that you'll be contacted within 90 days regarding the success of your application. You should receive a text if and when it has been.                       

If you wish to leave now ,then you'll need to pay an overstay fine on exit  as your application has not yet been accepted.

Bear in mind that when abroad you may not receive the text from the immigration office, so you won't know if your application has been successful or not.

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