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Dishonest Lawyer

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I was referred to a lawyer who wrote a letter to sue my ex for half the a property I owed + rent in Kusadasi. The lawyer fees for the case were 5% if the case didn't go to court and 10% if it did. I got my money from my ex which was a sum in Canadian dollars transferred to my account. I know they also paid the rent since the lawyer deducted the remaining amount of what I owed him from that amount. He however did not return the remaining money from the rent which is 2400 Turkish lira. He is now ignoring me when I write to him to return this money. I do not have an official record of this money since I am not talking to my ex. I do know they paid it however or else the lawyer would have claimed the rest of his fees that I owed him from the main transaction. So my question is, what recourse do I have to collect the rest of my rent money? I of course do not want to hire another lawyer to get it since that will cost me more than what he owes me. Is there any pressure tactic that I can use on him, such as reporting him to some legal entity in Izmir, or do I just have to declare this money as a loss? I am living in Montreal so it is not as if I can go to his office or anything. It is quite sad when not only your ex steals from you, but also the lawyer you are dealing with....

Thanks for your help.


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Isn't Kuşadası in Aydın, and not Izmir? Anyway each area in Turkey has a bar association. Here is the one for Aydın:


If the action is a crime rather than bad service, you can also report them to the local prosecutor. I don't know how you would do this without a lawyer in Turkey. For example, you would have to make sure the lawyer has been notified of the problem, and for that someone in Turkey would need to go to ta notary and have a notarial notice sent to him, notifying him of exactly the problem and what you want to be done. Otherwise there's no proof that he was even notified that a problem exists.

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