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Extending My Stay in Turkey on a Visa

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I am currently visiting Turkey on holiday and I would like to extend my stay. However, it will mean that the visa I used to come in on will have expired as it says I can only be here for a month. I arrived on Sept 14 and I am currently meant to leave on October 6. But I want to leave on October 23 or 24 depending on what the costs are to change my air ticket back to South Africa. Is it possible for me to get on the which is valid until 11 March 2020, or must I leave Turkey as I have a Schengen visa and apply for a new visa while outside the country? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.   

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Is it possible for me to get on the which is valid until 11 March 2020

I'm not sure what you mean there... 

The only choices you would have would be to leave Turkey and come back when you are able, get a residence permit, or stay until October 23rd and pay a fine (and possibly receive a ban) when you leave.  The last option is illegal and  I'm not recommending that. If you're not planning to live in Turkey though, you'll have to leave when your visa is expired.

There are three aspects to your visa.

1. A validity period. I assume your visa's validity period ends on 11 March 2020, and the validity period is 180 days. Anyway after that, you would have to buy a new visa, regardless of how many days you've spent or haven't spent in Turkey.

2. A maximum number of days you can be in Turkey. In your case it's a maximum of 30 days

3. A range of days during which you can use those 30 days. In your case, it's also 180 days.

So you can stay, in Turkey, a maximum of 30 days in any 180-day period. And that 180-day period is counted back. That is, to see if you are in compliance today, you would count back 180 days. Then determine how many days you have been in Turkey during that 180-day period. Once that number is 30, you have to leave.

Unfortunately, leaving Turkey and getting a new visa doesn't re-set these numbers. In other words, you can't come back into Turkey, no matter if you have the same visa or a new one, until the total number of days you've spent in Turkey in the previous 180 days is less than 30 again.

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In 2017 I was in Turkey on a tourist visa. Towards the end of my stay I became ill with influenza and developed serious complications that required a five day hospital stay. I was told by the doctor that I was not yet fit to fly and that to do so could be life threatening.

I mentioned my soon to expire tourist visa and was told needed to overstay my visa until I was well enough to fly and that the hospital consultant dealing with my case would provide a letter stating that I had been medically unfit to fly.

When I was leaving the country I showed the letter to the person checking my passport and there were no problems.

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I've been in Turkey with an overstayed visa foe more than 3 years. I lost my passport recently and I'm jobless and practically homeless. How do I get deported to my country? I talked to a police officer and he said nothing to help me get deported.

I need someone there to help me out. I'm practically just sitting on the street

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You need to contact your country's embassy or consulate for help. They will assist you, contact the Turkish government on your behalf and give you instructions about what to do. If you need assistance with finding your embassy or consulate, tell me what country you're from and I'll get the contact information for you.

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