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Traveling Letter from DGMM to Leave Turkey and Return

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My husband was to the first time residence permit interview last Wednesday. He asked during the interview for a letter to travel outside for 15 days. the officer told him he can not get immediately, he will receive a SMS message in 2 working day to come again and get the letter. Unfortunately he got nothing yet. we are planning to leave on the 4th of October. He has already used his 90 days visa.

if he does not get such a letter and leave on the 4th. of October,

Is he going to pay a fine for the exceeding days? 

Can he get this letter from ANY DGMM office in Istanbul without this SMS?

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To me it sounds like his application has gone for a 2nd verification to a GOC manager and only if he passes the application will he get a text to call in to collect the form .

BTW if he gets the letter he will also need copies of the 2 payment slips for the RP tax & card fee. He is covered to stay here by the fact he has an RP application pending.
If he leaves prior to obtaining the form ,then as his application has not been accepted he will have to pay an overstay fine on exit. If the text is sent while he's abroad he almost certainly will not receive it,so won't know if his application was accepted or rejected.
Next problem is re entering Turkey as he can't show another evisa as he's already stayed longer than 90 days so by the Turkish Immigration Laws must stay out for 90 days,But he may be able to ask for a Sartli Giris letter on return at passport control,which he & the Passport Polis officer both sign where he agrees to make an RP application within 10days...

This is simply a workaround to return without waiting 90 days, BUT if his RP application has been rejected while he was away,then he can't enter with this letter either as you cannot make another RP application within 6 months from a rejected one..
Finally the other problem trying to return without a evisa is if the flight carrier ask to see a visa at check in,if one can't be shown then he will be refused travel..


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Thank you REDDERS,

As my husband is a Danish he should not pay a RP tax , he paid only 89 tl for the card (he has a copy for card payment), but he has been also asked to pay some ekstra  tax at the interview time (which we do mot know what for), for this payment he gave the receipt to the officer without making a copy of it, it was paid to a tax office.  

Do you think they will ask about a copy of this payment?




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One thing you might consider is going to the DGMM office anyway, without waiting for the message. That way, if it is ready and they just didn't let you know, you can get it. If not, you can get a better idea of when they're going to have it ready. You'll need to go to the same office, because that's where they're preparing the Residence Permit Application Document he will need.

I took a copy of that letter (obtained from another member) to the Antalya DGMM and showed it to the manager of the immigration specialists.

He said this is only being used in Istanbul. It doesn't mean the residence permit application is undergoing a second look, because Istanbul approves its own residence permits. It means is the Istanbul office is short of staff. The application is approved, they need some  time to produce the Residence Permit Application Document. That is the document he can use to travel outside of Turkey for up to 15 days and re-enter without a visa. Hopefully, the message will come soon and he can pick it up before he has to leave.

Look on that document when it arrives. See what fees it lists. If it lists the single entry fee, you're probably going to need a receipt for that. You should call the 157 number about how to get the receipt, I haven't heard of a case like this before. My Residence Permit Application Document only lists the residence permit fee (not the card fee) but I don't know what your husband's might have.

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It means his residence permit has been approved. Now the residence permit card will be printed in Ankara. But that can take maybe 30 to 60 days.

The immigration official said that he would get an SMS message telling him to come and get the Residence Permit Application Document, which is the document he needs to travel. I have never heard of any SMS message specifically telling a foreigner to come and get this document. As far as I know, what usually happens next is the foreigner just has to wait until the residence permit card comes.

Therefore, I think the message he just received about the approval is the message the immigration specialist was talking about.

If I were him, I'd go to the DGMM office, with the application form (just in case), passport, and mobile phone with that message saying that the residence permit has been approved, and explain the situation that he needs the Residence Permit Application Document so he can travel.

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Wow. That was fast! That last message, the SMS from PTT, means that your husband's residence permit card has been printed and given to the PTT for delivery. You can use the barcode to see where it is. Just go here:


Enter the barcode and enter the letters from the security image into the box and click "Sorgula," and you'll be taken to a page which shows where the residence permit card is in the PTT system. It should be just a day or two before it's delivered to your house.

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