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Have Any Of You Retired And Brought A Car To Turkey?

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I am retiring soon and made enquiries at the Turkish consulate in London about bringing a car to Turkey and received this reply.

In accordance with the Turkish Customs Regulations If you are a retiredperson and have a resident permit, you are allowed to bring your car (in order to get a temporary plate for your car, the car must be left hand side) intoTurkey and keep it as long as you live in Turkey. First, you shouldregister your car to the Turkish Touring and Automobile Club and obtain atemporary entry carnet for foreigners from them. You should submit thefollowing documents to the Turkish Touring and Automobile Club. 1) Yourpassport, 2) your resident permit, 3) your official retirement documents(should be translated into Turkish) 4) Your car's registration documents 5)giving a guarantee, either a form of a letter from your bank or cash. You are asked to provide a bond either in cash or a letter form for the value of your car's current market price.

Once you have obtained your carnet you should go to the nearest head of the customs office where your residency is and register with them.

Alternatively, if you are a tourist visa holder as a retired person you can bring your car into Turkey and keep it in Turkey up to 12 months period.

Please note that, If you are British citizen, you can only take British registered car into Turkey. *********************************I'm thinking of going for the (easier?) 12 month option and was wondering if anyone else has done this and did you have any problems having to leave the country to renew your tourist visa or if you got a residence permit ?

Any thoughts would be apreciated.

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If you need to leave the country you need to go to customs in Izmir, Antalya or Dalaman and get your vehicle impounded. You then pay a daily charge of around 8 dollars per day and the vehicle gets taken off your passport allowing you to fly away. You should do all this the day before you fly though.

Welcome to the forum Baykus. I hope others will be able to tell you more about bringing a car over as a retired person.

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Hi Everyone, I am new to this Forum, I have a place in Dalaman and plan to relocate permanently end of 2013, I am trying to get information on Importing a new motorcycle & have it registered in Turkey, Importing from Singapore, Can anyone help or supply any information on this, also what the Duty would be, CheersGlyn O

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