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I am now the owner of a car in Turkey.

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Nothing special, it is a six year old Astra turbo.

It cost somewhere between two and three times what an equivalent car would have cost me in the UK.

The equivalent price for Turks must be much more given the lower average wage in Turkey.
To change the ownership of the car both we and the seller had to go to the Notary Public where the change of ownership paper was filled out, the money(cash) noted and given to the sellers.

We got all the tax and insurance sorted out and new licence plates issued on Friday.

My stepsons will be doing most of the driving, but it seems that for a fee and some other documents I can swap my UK driving licence for a Turkish one without having to take another test.

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Congratulations Pete. When you apply for a Turkish licence they will take your UK licence. Some people are not happy about that and get their UK licence translated and notarised. You can drive on this if you have a turkish RP, but need to leave the country and re-enter every 6 months. iyi Yolculuklar.

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I no longer have a UK address so will have no problem giving up my UK licence. I will still have to get my UK licence translated and notarised. 

I can not change the licence yet as apparently, for some reason, I need to show an exam certificate and I am still waiting for cargo from England, which includes my college certificates.

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