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Tax paying in Turkey

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Hello Everyone,

I am a property owner since October 2018,, I have a couple question would like to be answered to avoid any violation of the Turkish law.

1- I know I should pay a tax because I own a property in Istanbul:

    - where and when I should pay tax ( I bought the apartment last October ), is there only one type of tax or there is a several types should be paid?

    - Is the authority going to send me a bill to be paid or I should ask in order to get the bill?


2-  Where I should pay the Earthquake insurance and when?

Thanks and I appreciate all the replies. 


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You should go to the municipal office in the area that you live in (Belediye). You will need your title deeds (Tapu). You need to pay the building tax (bina vergisi) and the environment tax (Çevre vergisi). This may have changed a little recently as we have been given a tax break for 5 years, so have not paid it recently.

Earthquake insurance (DASK) can be paid at any insurance company office. I hope that this helps Fada.

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Fada, I'd also recommend you join the main Turkish government portal, called E-Devlet, at www.turkiye.gov.tr.

You just need to go to a local PTT (post office) with your mobile phone and your residence permit, also your passport. Then tell them you need a password for E-Devlet. They'll set you up right there and a temporary password will be sent to your mobile phone. Then you can change it and log in. It has a huge amount of helpful information. One of them is the ability to check any tax debts you have, and also an option to pay them online, here:


Of course when you go to that link now you will need your password to log in. Once you get the password use that link and you'll be able to see all of the taxes you owe.

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