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Anyone Been to Vicenza, Italy?

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Has anyone been to Vicenza, Italy?  It's going to be "home" for the next few years :) (Ken...

I feel a PM from you in the works lol...shoot me one).

Anyhow, would love some input from anyone who has been there.

I've only been to Italy once earlier this year (Bologna, Florence, Rome, Pisa & Venice).

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Vicenza is a city in the Veneto region of northeast Italy. It’s known for the elegant buildings designed by the 16th-century architect Andrea Palladio. These include the Palladian Basilica and the Palazzo Chiericati, now home to an art gallery. Nearby, also by Palladio, the Teatro Olimpico replicates a classic outdoor theater, indoors. On the outskirts of town, the hilltop Villa La Rotonda has 4 identical facades.

Lots to do in Vicenza ... see here ... https://www.getyourguide.com/s/?q=Vicenza&lc=l32445&date_from=2019-11-21&date_to=2019-11-22&customerSearch=1&searchSource=1

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Thanks for the replies everyone.  So it's been a while since I last logged in...but I'm back!

So I've been here since Aug and it is small, but close to everything (at least in N. Italy/South of the Alps).  Family loves it...it's typical Italian but since it's such a small city, i frequently run into other Americans somewhat often.  Venice is close & so is Milan, Bologna, Florence etc.

Anyway...it sure beats Afghanistan lol.

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