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Waiting for a message from DGMM

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Hi everyone

My husband applied for RP on the 4th. of August, he did not get any message for an interview yet.

He called 157 and had been told it takes up to 60 days to get such a message, if that is true, then he will get a problem because he has only 37 days left from his 90 days in Turkey.

He got a document shows that he had applied online for RP.

Now our worries if he did not get an appointment within these 37 days, what will happen?

Should he leave the country and come back for the appointment? will he get a fin if he stay over these 37 days?

All replies are very appreciated. 


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Hi Fada,

If he has finished the application process and downloaded the application, he just needs to keep the first page of that application with him, and his passport. It is that application which will keep him legally in Turkey until his appointment day. So he is okay, and he doesn't have to leave, even if he exceeds the number of days in Turkey allowed by his visa.

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