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Buying meat

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I have been in Istanbul for about 1.5 years. During these days I could never buy good meat! I don't say that meats have bad taste but let's explain more. In AVMs there are two options. First the butcher second is the one you can take from the refrigerator. The second is not what I want since you don't know what it is. But, the advantage of this kind is that they do not have black color. The butcher in AVMs and personal butchers most of the times some part of the meat is black! I don't know. I paid money I expected to have good meat. Maybe it is not a problem and I am sensitive. But, in my country at least the meat has good color. Even though in my country the butcher should know you to sell you a good meat! Maybe here is the same!

What should I say while buying meat?

Also, what is the name of this meat I attached in turkey? I really want to have beef mea also!



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The cut of meat pictured is "antrikot" (ahn-truh-cote). That is one of the best cuts of meat. Beef is sığır (suh-uhr). To have him cut off the dark part, try "koyu parça çıkartınız" (ko-yu pahr-chah chuh-kahr-tuh-nuz), which means "cut off the dark part." Or point to that part and tell the butcher that. I've found that the 5M Migros stores have the best meat.

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I agree with everything Ken said. However, your butcher depends on the economic status of your neighborhood. If in a working class neighborhood, the butcher will only carry certain types and of a certain quality to ensure his profit. If you go to Sazeli in Florya you will have a hard time not having some of the best meat you've ever eaten. Now, it does come at a price, but you can get American cuts of dry aged Prime Beef. Etiler, Besiktas, Yesilkoy, and other affluent neighborhoods will offer these types of offerings. 

I will add though, that if you are looking for Ground Beef (Dana Kiyma) or Ground Lamb (Kuzu Kiyma) these working class neighborhoods are the best. The fat to meat ratio is a little higher, and that's what lends its traditional flavor. 

Here is a link to Hurriyet Newspaper with a list of Turkey's Top 10 Butchers. Open in Google Chrome and Set page to Translate. It won't make a lot of sense, but you can at least get the address and try a couple out if you wish. 

Lastly, I've found that you just have to search and try for yourself. Because everywhere you go you will hear "bizim et daha iyi" meaning our meat is better. 

I had a Chef friend in New York tell me one time, don't go to a French Restaurant and order Italian and don't go to a Chinese Restaurant and order a steak, you'll be disappointed. Stick to what they do best. Same with the butchers shop, find out what they do best and go there for that alone. 

Probably more than you needed to know, but hopefully it helps!



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Thanks Justin,

You are right about economical issues. However as far as I see the price is same with others. Actually this butcher has not a lot to offer also they are always angry such that you can't talk too much! We are in working class area!

The problem is my home is not near to those places. Maybe I should try Migros as Ken said. 5M migros (I don't know the difference between migroses though!) Also, you mean the butcher inside migros or the refrigerator meat?

I know Turkish well! The problem is that they should know their responsibilities. This time wherever I go I should tell if not brown I will buy!

The problem is that some parts of the meat is brown. I know it might not have health issue but still I don;t want to have that.

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Selam Star, 

Nice to see someone from Azerbaijan in the forum. You won't have any problem with Turkish obviously :-) 

I hope to visit Baku next year. I am guessing that I should be able to converse normally in Turkish over there. I heard that a few words might be different but that essentially it is the same.

Anyway, the meat. I don't think there is such a thing as a standard price for meat in Turkey, not one that is adhered to anyways. The good stores like Migros and Kipa or Uysal in our area probably offer the best cuts but tend to be a little more expensive. It is pretty much trial and error in finding a good butcher or the person who sells the best chicken etc. Certainly kusbasi at 55 lira and Kiyma at 48 lira would be a bit expensive where we are but then we are not in Istanbul.


Ingiliz Hamdi

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You can save quite a lot of money (and, some would say be more healthy) by adding up to 20% (moist weight) soya eti to your kıyma if making Köfte. You really cannot tell the difference in taste and you will get more Köfte for your money. I used to buy it in Migros, but have not seen it for a while.


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Hi Hamdi,]

You are welcome to Baku, Of course they understand you no problem

The price of meat is generally the one I told you. This is the price I got from the Migros. There are cheaper meats which I think is not meat! I am not saying the cheaper the meat the worse. however, I saw A101 and BIM they are really in low quality. I think from now on I should go to Migros and let the butcher know I do not want any brown meat or so. I should look at them carefully. This time I made a mistake. normally in middle east if your are going to be a routine customer of any avm or so and if they understand that they are the first choice you select they are going to decrease their quality, Specifically the stores which sell those things!


Thanks anyway

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What a good idea! I brought Soya with myself two years ago from my country, It was 3 tl that time!!

Maybe the quality is different. I could not eat that actually. The picture you sent is the same as I brought but I don't know the quality. 

The problem is just not a price. If the quality is good at least I pay it



S. My problem is with this people. Most of them want to deceive you!

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The problem is my home is not near to those places. Maybe I should try Migros as Ken said. 5M migros (I don't know the difference between migroses though!) Also, you mean the butcher inside migros or the refrigerator meat?

The Migros stores have "classes" according to how many Ms they have. The more Ms, the bigger the store, and the more stuff they have. The 5M Migros stores are the biggest and have the most, and they have a butcher there. The 4Ms and 3Ms might also, I am not sure.


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Try the Migros website. They have some soy products, but not much. Also the store MacroCenter often has products that are rare in Turkey. You can search their website or find out where there is a store near you and visit it. You might also search for any stores that have it in Google by searching for "soya eti."

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