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Importing a car to Turkey (July/2019)

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Hey all, I've read in previous posts but the posts too old. I want to import a car (2016 BMW 320d) that's a 2 liter turbocharged engine, to Turkey of course. I was wondering how much the costs of the import taxes, customs and all? 

EDIT: According to the following website (https://www.export.gov/article?id=Turkey-ImportTariffs) "Other products impacted by the SCT include petroleum products, motor vehicles, aircraft, vessels and durable consumer goods.  VAT is imposed at the general rate of 18%, but reduced rates (8% and 1%) are applied on some goods and services, and certain types of transactions are tax exempt." I don't why, but I find it hard to believe.

**Tip: when and if you open the website search for "vehicle" to easily find the statement I quoted. 

Thanks in advance!

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KeeZouX... If just importing for up to 2 yrs, on your RP there's no tax to pay.

if you're intending to keep the car here semi permanently & put if on Yabanci 'M' plates then you can find out the financial bond figure from Turk Touring Club.

http://www.turing.org.tr/ytggk-mavi-karne/ Turk Touring Club Izmir no. is 0232-421-7149.

Link to enquire the tax 'bond' element...


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