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Moving And Paying Import Duties?

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Hello, We are restoring an old olive factory in Datca, Turkey. If everything is going well, it will be ready in spring 2009 We would like to go with a truck from the Netherlands to Turkey with new stuff like; beds, tv and computer. Does anybody knows how this works at the turkish border? Do we have to pay import duties? Hope to hear from someone Jeroen

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Check our huge Internet directory at www.turkeycentral.com/directory/Government/Organizations and Institutions. The Turkish customs authority's website is there, I believe the link name is "Customs Formalities for Travelers." I reviewed the site several months ago, and as I recall it does have information about what you can bring in, how much, and what you have to pay import duties on. It has English content regarding this, as do all Turkish websites in our directory.

I sent you a PM about setting up your signature block, where you can place a URL to your website... send me a PM if you have any problems setting it up...

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...i have a freind who owns an olive oil factory in aydin,i will ask him for any advice . next time i see him..

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