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Brining A Motorcycle Into Turkey (adana)

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Just to clarify, are you looking for a job, as a foreigner, in Adana? The answer would depend on your status here in Turkey. If you're simply a foreigner moving here, and wanting to ship a motorcycle here, the taxes and fees are often equivalent, or more, than the value of the vehicle itself. It's normally worthwhile to sell your vehicle and buy another one here. Additionally, the customs procedures are so complicated that it is better to work with a customs broker to handle the vehicle shipment, since they take care of all of the red tape for you. I was stationed at Incirlik Air Base in Adana, and I still have the contact info for a customs broker there, who I found to be quite honest and dependable. Other than teaching English for Turkish Universities or dershanes, the chances of a foreigner getting a job here that could be filled by a Turk are quite slim.

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Thanks for the reply. I am trying for the American contracter jobs on base through VBR. I have applied to many and was highly qualified for one but don't have a CDL. I will keep trying but am trying every avenue I can. About the bike, that sucks but I can sell here and buy a new one if I have to.

What does it take for an American to set up a shop in Turkey?

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Oh wait a minute... you didn't mention that you were planning to work for VBR. Check with VBR about this, but I'm pretty sure that, while they may or may not pay for shipping a vehicle, you can bring one in without paying all of the customs duties. You'll need to get something called a carne de passage, which is basically a document that records that you have brought a vehicle in from another country, will use it while you are here, then ship it back out again. You will escape the onerous customs duties. VBR is the base maintenance contractor for the US military, and are therefore covered under the status of forces agreement. They will also assist you with the paperwork necessary to do it.

Give VBR a call at Incirlik and ask them about it, you would probably get a more detailed answer from them. I can say that I had a vehicle here while working for VBR in Izmir, on a carne, and I did not have to pay any customs duties. So I'm glad you clarified that. You should be able to get their number from their website, vbr-turkey.com.

Setting up a business here, so they say, is rather easy these days... check the business forum for info, I think we have some info on what's involved there. But if you're planning to come and open your own company, that would be completely different regarding shipping a vehicle here, in that case the customs duties would apply.

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