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How Can My Wife and I Get a Job in Turkey?

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Oniyide abiodun Kazeem

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You would have to have a job offer, and come to Turkey with a work visa, then get a work permit in Turkey. If you are in Turkey, you have to be living in Turkey for six months, and then you can only work in a job that they cannot find a Turkish citizen to do, like teaching a foreign language as a native speaker, or some special job for which you have unique qualifications. It is impossible to find a job as something like a waiter or a worker in a store, since these jobs can be filled by Turkish citizens.


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What happen is that me and my wife with 3 kids just secure a visiting Visa to Turkey but my wife wants us to get a residence permit when we get there so am now looking at the possibility of getting a job that can at least be ok to cater for the family. I have a Bachelor of science in physics electronics and very competent in electrical machine repair and maintenance, my wife is a graduate of accounting. What is our hope of living and working in turkey

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I think there is little possibility that you could find job in Turkey, because the jobs you mention can easily be filled by a Turkish citizen. The only exception to the rule is if the employer has already hired five foreigners. That is, a Turkish employer can hire one foreigner for every five Turkish employees. If they haven't already hired five Turkish citizens, they would need to justify why they are hiring a foreigner, and not a Turkish citizen. I think it would be very hard to find a job in the career fields you mentioned.

Unfortunately I don't know what your pay would be for either of those kinds of jobs.



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