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Hi Guys

i am receiving the Error Message , when i am updating my Application for Re-New my Residence permit application  


Technical failure has occurred in the system 

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Dear Sir

after i received the activation web link & number , when i click the link it gives me Error message 

any help pls.


Activation Page

Broken Link!!!

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Just some possible things that might work:

Right-click the link. That will open a list of options. Select "copy link" or whatever similar thing it says. Open a word document, or a "notepad" document, then right click on that and click "paste." That should display the entire link in a document you can save and use the link later if the system is having problems right now. Then copy and paste the link from the document into the address bar of a new browser window. That "should" activate the download and give you the option to download and save your residence permit application document.

Or you could try to refresh the page and click the link again.

You should have been sent an application number by SMS or e-mail. You can also go back into the system, select the type of residence permit you applied for, and select the option to go back to a residence permit application in progress. I am not sure if this will work since I have never tried it, but you can try it. There is another option to see the results of your application... I don't know if this would give you the link again, but you can try that too.

If those things don't work, call 157 and ask them. Have your application number with you when you call, they may able to help.

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