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Head Scarf Controversy

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Guest Billiam

I mean look at United State of Emirates(UAE), can you compare the technology and development and their people's way of living standards to any other Islamic ruled country.

A lot of westerners immigrate to UAE also…So religion is not to blame…It is the people who rule the religion cause all problems..

None of that technology was invented in the UAE. It was all invented and developed in Western countries and bought with oil money. Its government is ruled by a dictator, a Sheik. It is not a democracy. Can you name an invention from a any Muslim country in the last 500 years? I can see why Ataturk wanted Turkey to be secular and follow Europe, not the Middle East.

And other than foreigners, the citizens of the UAE do force the women to cover themselves, and women are treated as second-class citizens in the UAE as well. They treat those who come from third world countries to work there like indentured servants and slaves. The UAE has oil, and because of that, money. Don't confuse imported technology and wealth as "enlightenement." Without oil and Western money brought in to get the oil, the UAE would just be a desert area with tribes of Bedouins as they were in the 1950s.

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