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Taking A Car To Turkey!

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Hi Everyone,Im new to this forum and was just wondering if anyone could help or advise me on the below topic!!

Myself and my Family are thinking to move to Turkey and was wondering how we can go about taking a car out there. I have heard that if you purchase the car from Germany or Italy you can just pay a tax on arrival into Turkey and there are no problems with the car staying in Turkey. ( This maybe wrong)The cars seem to be quite expensive in Turkey and thought it would be nice to take the car of our choice out there instead of buying in Turkey.

Many Thanks in advanceJacks

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Hi Jacks and welcome to the forum. In answer to your question this topic has been covered on the site and to save you having to hunt for it here is the link:-http://www.turkeycentral.com/index.php?showtopic=118It seems that the easiest way is to buy a car here which is quite easy nowadays.

Good luckSunny

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Hi Sunny,Many thanks for your post it was of much help. We are thinking of Pamucak, Ozdere or Davutlar these areas, however have a lot to consider firstly with regards to business schools house. We used to live in Kusadasi howver made the choice to return back to the U.

K. We have been back in the U.

K for 5 years and now having a child and we now feel that we would have a far better quality of life in Turkey. INSALLAH.....

Anyway many thanks again and i will keep you posted.

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